Thursday, November 8, 2012

First Things First


How you doin? *in my Wendy voice*

Me? I'm doing...better. When I tell you 2012 has been a hell of a year for me...I mean that as literally as possible. I've grown up in ways that had you asked me last year, I would have told you something resembling "Uh uh you can't tell me nuffin'". Just 'cause you leave your teens doesn't mean you leave your know-it-all attitude behind. At least it didn't for me. Fortunately, life has a way of (re)teaching you what you thought you knew (think Jay and Bey circa 2002 when she was "Crazy In Love"), doesn't it?

Don't get me wrong. I've learned my fair share of hard lessons. There was the time when I was 18 and moved to Snellville, GA from the concrete jungle of Rosedale, Queens. only Rosedale folks think it's the hood but we all know I get my street cred from BK. Anyway, shell shocked and too grown (or so I thought) to be told by my father that I couldn't be on my own cell phone after eleven o'clock at night, I learned real quick: Time for me to go! I wasn't about that life. I learned a lot about myself then too. Namely, how to work two jobs and get my own crib. Lesson: you aint grown til you in your own place, paying your own bills. You can talk on the phone to your heart's content.

And then of course there was the time when I was 23 and my little brother was killed and my boyfriend went up north. I learned a lot then too. Like how to lose a loved one and keep pressing on. Lesson: The world doesn't stop when you suffer a loss and neither can you.