Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lessons From My Uncle


An Uncle starts out as a grandparents son, and the brother of a father or mother
Some play the background, some provide nieces and nephews with a love like no other

Whether he takes you out for candy, or babysits you when mom and dad need a break
Only he can determine, the role he will take

He can be just an extra, or a costar in your life
Championing your victories, and comforting you through your strife

Preparing you for the world, teaching you how to take a joke
Delivering his messages, so that you heard him when he spoke

How to take a hit, and to just keep on pushin'
And when you falter, he will be there to fall back on as your cushion

To stare adversity down, and come out with the victory
Let your record speak for itself and lessons learned be your history

The significance of endurance and how it shapes the person you become
Survival of the fittest, to stand and never run

Teaching you the value of family, and what it means to be one
That five fingers make a fist, and a pinky makes none

The beauty of togetherness and to be there when it counts
That blood is thicker than water, even if it's just an ounce

 In Loving Memory of Uncle Dee

1 comment:

Oni Muldrow said...

Very well said cuz. RIP Uncle Dee. He will be missed.