Monday, December 19, 2011

The Kyla Chronicles - Somethin' To Talk About


The next morning I woke up to see the doors to the balcony open and hear splashing below. I had half a mind to believe it was a dolphin or something splashing around, but I had a glimmer of hope that it was Cash and nothing so big and aquatic would be right underneath my room. I got up and didn't bother to put anything on, as our villa was secluded enough from the others that I could be free with it. I stepped out onto the balcony and caught Cash's eye.

"This is what I call a good morning", he called from the water ogling me as he beckoned with splashing water. "Why don't you come in and join me? The water feels incredible."

"Are you serious?", I asked him eyebrows raised. "I haven't even had a chance to wipe the cold out my eye yet."

"Don't worry about it. The ocean'll take care of allll that. Besides, it's just as jealous as me that you're up there and we're down here.", he mock pouted.

I had a choice to make right then and there. I could do what I normally did, and get acclimated to actually being awake before I jumped out the window. This time only literally. Or I could be spontaneous and fun and join my man down in a real fantasy. I'll take door number two please. I ran into a dive and jumped head first into the ocean. I opened my eyes underwater and found Cash's legs. I swam up to him and emerged from the water inches from his face.


"So you're a swimmer, are you?", he asked with a flabbergasted look on his face.

"I do a little something." I replied.

"I see you're not shy with the skinny dipping."

"Should I be? You asked me to join you. You didn't say get dressed first."

"Trust me. I'm not complaining. What happens in Bora Bora stays in Bora Bora." He laughed. "That aight wit you?"

"It's alright with me."

I wrapped my arms around his neck, my legs around his waist and kissed him while we treaded water. I was only slightly concerned with my morning breath since he'd said the ocean would take care of all that. If he was eating his words now...that was on him.

"Well this was fun" I said,"But I'm hungry and I saw that breakfast was on the table."

"Yeah. I didn't know what you were in the mood for so I just ordered a little of everything. It just came before you woke up, so it should still be hot." he said. "I'll race you back and see if you're skills are really as up to par as you claim for them to be."

I raised a challenging eyebrow at him, said "Let's do it.", and took off.

He trailed me for only a second and then effortlessly left me in the cold. Well really in the warm since the water was amazingly balmy. But same difference. I fruitlessly tied to catch up to no avail. He reached the steps before me and was sitting there feigning a yawn when I surfaced.

"You aight but you ain't ill. I'm that deal.", he teased referencing an old Jay-Z line.

"I meaaaaaan you are built like a horse. I'm more like a unicorn. That's an unfair advantage.", I defended.

"C'mon babe. Excuses don't suit you", he nettled.

I swatted at him. "And gloating doesn't suit you.", I countered while tooting my lips and inclining my head to the side.

"Touche.", he conceded reaching a hand to help me out of the water.

When we got back up to the terrace, Cash went inside and grabbed one of the huge white terry cloth robes and held it out for me to put on.

"Not that I'm not enjoying the view...", he said.

"Thanks", I said sitting down at the table hiding a blush. "This breakfast looks delicious.", I said taking a bite out of one of the golden croissants.

"I'm sure you worked up an appetite after that swim. Eat up though. We have a lot of ground to cover in the little time that we're here. I have so much I want to show you."

"Really?", I asked trying to sound more intrigued then suspicious. I couldn't help but wonder if this wasn't his first time there. "Have you been here before? I've been meaning to ask you."

Why not?

He gave me a knowing smile still drying his body from the swim. "No, but when I take a trip I do my research. Or better yet, pay someone to do it for me.", he said.

"You don't think I would bring you all the way out here without setting a few things up do you? What type of lame you take me for?", he gibed.

"I was just asking. Couldn't hurt. This could be what you do...lure women in with your charm, whisk them off to exotic locales and then on to the next one. I just need to know what I'm getting caught up in before it's too late. I'd say this is as good a time as any to have this conversation. Wouldn't you?"

" Not really. I was more inclined to talk about an after breakfast dessert but if you want to talk about it now we can do that. Just as long as we talk about that dessert afterwards.", he said with a sexy glint in his eye.

I bit my lip. "I do and I'll see what I can do.", I replied.

"So whassup? What's on your mind?"

"Am I the only woman you're dating?"

"Straight for the jugular with you huh?". He paused and then answered. "But to answer your question, yeah.", he said with a look of trepidation.

"Why you lookin' like that?"

"Because like I said, I'd rather have this conversation when we get home. I'm not trying to scare you. And like I said, you're the only woman I'm dating right now. I love every minute I spend with you and I'm hoping I'll have that privilege indefinitely. You have nothing to worry about.", he said, the words sounding like he was trying to convince himself more than me.

"For right now though," he continued, "let's just enjoy Bora Bora and being in paradise. Real life will be waiting for us when we get home. Can you do that?"

I thought about all that he'd said and wondered if I could in fact do that. He was saying a lot without saying much but I wasn't sure I wanted to press the issue at that moment. We were in a tropical wonderland, and I could see how such a heavy conversation such as the "where is this relationship going?" one, could put a damper on an otherwise perfect tête-à-tête.

"I can do that.", I finally said. "But we will revisit this topic, right?"

"Right", he concurred. "Now...our plans for the day. How do you feel about dolphins?"

They were alright with me, but I was wondering if Cash was too.

To be continued.....


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Girl the anticipation is getting to me!!! Keep up the good work :)

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Thanks girl! She'll be back soon!