Friday, December 9, 2011

The Kyla Chronicles - Paradise Island


When I pulled up to the airport in a black Lincoln towncar, Cash was waiting for me on the airstairs looking oh so dapper, adorned in a cream linen suit and some brown and cream wingtips. His attire told me we were headed some place where the climate was tropical, and I said a silent thank you that we weren't headed to Antarctica or something. 

He descended the stairs just as the driver grabbed my bag and took it to the cargo hold. In his hand he held a champagne flute, with a strawberry on the rim as a garnish. He pressed his lips to mine, embraced me, and offered me the champagne. He appraised me with a look of flattering appreciation and said,

"A little something to celebrate our first trip together. You look gorgeous as always." 

And I was glad to hear it. I was dressed in a pair of Chloe high waisted cream palazzo pants, a Dolce & Gabanna black silk button down blouse with a multi-layered Chanel necklace strung with black, silver, and cream beads, a pair of black Brian Atwood shooties to finish the look. Although I tried to make it look easy, it wasn't such an easy feat getting ready for a trip, an overseas one at that, within a day's notice.

I'd had to get an emergency wax at Completely Bare, tip my stylist extra love love to change my weave to a wet and wavy on the fly, just in case there would be an ocean concerned, and I'd had to go shopping for things that weren't already in my closet. On top of that, I had been up all night packing and trying on clothes, that I was exhausted as I don't know what. If not for the double shot of espresso, a cup of coffee and some concealer, I would have been looking ratchet. And clearly that just won't do. 

He didn't need to know all of that though. I just took the compliment with a coquettish smile and replied,

"Thank you, babe. As do you. So are you gonna tell me where we're going?"

"Ever been to Bora Bora?


When we arrived at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa I was literally in awe of the place. We arrived by boat as that was the only way to get to the resort. As we sailed to our destination, surrounded by nothing but striking turquoise ocean, dense greenery, and mountains filled with molten lava, I was amazed at the beauty of the world we exist in. I was also in awe of the beautiful brown man by my side. I was unsure of why he was spoiling me like this but I was not about to ask any questions. I'd been starving to get it in with him and I would have settled for a nice nightcap at my place or his, but apparently he'd had bigger and better plans. 

When we pulled up dockside, we were met by a golfcart with a short Polynesian man who was a cross between Mr. Miyagi and Tattoo from Fantasy Island.

"Welcome to Bora Bora.", he said rolling his R's and grinning from ear to ear. He handed us two leis and ushered us into the vehicle.

"Thank you my man.", Cash responded handing him a few bills. It wasn't lost on me that he tipped Tattoo 2K11 before  he even did his job, which was dropping us off. This man was good to everybody.

As we approached the villas, I was astounded by the way they were all suspended between nothing but ocean and white sand. There were a few little islets encompassing us, shielding us from the open sea but even with those all I saw was blue. I felt like I was dropped into a scene straight out of The Blue Lagoon, only this time there was a five star resort and my wet and wavy was slaying Brooke Shields'. When we got to the door, Tattoo took our bags inside and Cash impulsively lifted me off my feet,

"It ain't the honeymoon just yet, but I can still carry you over the threshold.", he asserted.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. 

"I'm not complaining.", I responded.

When we stepped inside the villa we were welcomed by the fragrances of fresh flowers and scented candles. Directly ahead of me there were double doors leading to a balcony with views of the lagoon. We stood in the living room on floors made of glass, permitting us to see tropical fish swimming some feet below us. To my right there were white plush couches with intricately stitched pillows, and an arc way that lead to another room. To my left was a door to what I assumed was the bedroom as evidenced by the king sized bed that my eyes had landed on. I thought about what would be going down there what I hoped would be soon and smiled.

Just as Cash was tipping Tattoo 2k11, again, he caught me smiling and said,

"What are you smiling about?"

"How could I not be smiling right now? Do you see where we are? I couldn't stop smiling even if I tried."

"Well that means I'm doing something right. That smile makes me smile from the inside out."

I blushed. And I'm not a blusher but he had that affect on me. 

"So what do you want to do first? Go for a swim? Get something to eat?", he asked.

"I want to shower and just spend some time enjoying the room. Is that ok with you?", aka I wanna get clean and get it poppin'.

"That's fine. After that flight a little R&R makes a lot of sense."

R&R? I'm thinking more like B&G. Bump and grind. Did I have to spell it out?

"Well I didn't say I had to shower alone." How's that for clarity?

Our eyes locked and I knew it was going down. Basement. He rushed over to me and grabbed the back of my neck with his left hand and put his other around my waist. His kissed me passionately as he began to unbutton my shirt. We moved to the bathroom, still kissing as I fumbled to turn the shower on. We let our clothes trail in our wake as we hastened to get into the shower. Together. Things were moving so fast that I hadn't had the chance to process the fact that I was in the shower with Cash. And he was naked. As was I. I needed a moment. I nudged him off of me and said,

"Let me look at you. See what I've patiently waited for."

He stepped back from me allowing me to size him up. All of him.

"You like what you see?", he inquired.

"I do indeed. Do you?" I asked as I spun around giving him a rear view.

"I'm more pleased than you can imagine. Can I wash that beautiful body of yours?"

"Only if I can return the favor."

"If I could be so lucky."

We went on that way for a few minutes.Washing each other, exploring birthmarks and moles. We laughed about childhood scars and told the stories of how we got them. When the shower was done and we were both all clean, he lifted me out and carried me over to the bed. He placed me on the edge and began to kiss my feet. Next it was my ankles, and my shins then my knees and my thighs. He started to move inward and I had an inkling where he was headed. 

He separated my legs and began to caress my inner thighs with his lips. He moved center to my core and I let out a gasp of pleasure. Cash took that as a cue because he commenced to helping me achieve the ultimate purpose. When he succeeded, I moaned and shuddered simultaneously.

He kissed me where he'd made sensitive, as an indication that his work there was done and proceeded to work his way up my belly, to my breasts, then to my lips.

"Are you good or do you want more?, he asked in an urging tone.

"Depends on if by more you're asking if I want you to use your key to open me, my answer would be yes.", I said.

"Well then that's exactly what I mean.", he replied.

He grabbed a condom from the end table next to us, which I briefly wondered how it got there, and put it on. When we connected, I knew it was perfect. It was happening just the way it was intended to. Cash had orchestrated it so that even though it was sensual, sexy, sultry, and every other "s" word with an innuendo attached to it, it was special too. Encircled by fragrant flowers, exotic fish, and crashing waves, he'd turned fantasy into reality, and I was experiencing paradise. In countless ways.


Shu Banga said...

You are doin the damned thang girl! So proud of you. Keep it up! I look forward to Kyka's next episode...

MISS WHITE said...

Thanks Shu!!! Glad ur keeping up with Kyla! ;-)