Friday, December 2, 2011

The Kyla Chronicles - If You Ask Me I'm Ready


Now that we were working on trust, it seemed like no better time to get started working on other some skin on skin action. I hadn't had any since my Vegas rendezvous and I was starting to feel the effects. I was irritable, having snapped at my poor assistant on more than one occasion. I was finding lil backed up pimples popping up on my face and I was none too happy about it. Cash was a sweetheart and he was definitely courting me but I was ready for him to push up on the kid...literally.

I was starting to wonder if my past experiences with men had taught me to expect too little. We'd gotten hot and heavy a time or two...or three, but he kept talking some he "wanted it to be special". That was sweet and all but I wasn't a virgin, and though special was nice I could think of a few other "S" words to describe our first sexual encounter, none of them being "special".

I'd just gotten off a conference call when Cash rang my cell phone,


"Hey baby. How's work going?"

"It's going well. You?"

"Same...but I've had enough Treynor and Omega ratio talk to last a lifetime."

"Whatever that is. There you go with your hedge fund jargon."

"I know babe. I'm over it myself. So much so that I need to get away for awhile. I was hoping you could join me if you didn't have plans this weekend."

"This weekend? You don't be playing, huh?"

"Haven't you figured that out yet? I don't. So you in or what? 'Cause if not I got a few other shorties-"

"Boy...don't even do it to yourself. I'm in. So where we headin'?"

"I'll tell you when you get to the airport. I'll send a car for you in the morning at 7."

"Which airport? Laguardia or JFK?"

"Neither. Teterboro. It helps to be on the boss's good side. He gave me his G5 for the trip. You know, suntin' light."

He chuckled. I just stayed quiet on the other end of the line trying not to sound too thirsty. I'd never flown private before, let alone in a G5. I had just stepped it up to first class and even that was doing something to me.

 "Babe? You there?"

"Yeah I'm here. And if you keep spoiling me like this, you gon' have a hard time getting me to go anywhere."

"That's the plan. So listen...I have a meeting to get to. I'll see you in the morning. And babe?


"Bring your passport."

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