Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Kyla Chronicles - Empire State of Mind


It had been a few weeks since my trip to Vegas and I was falling back into my daily routine. I was getting adjusted to the single life and it seemed to be doing me well. I thought about Tristan less and less, and I felt myself healing. I'd been on a few dates, but none worth remembering. They were really just excuses for me to get dressed up and enjoy a night out in the city. It is New York City after all. A girl can never get enough getting fly and getting out. Tonight was no different.

A publicist that had done work for the magazine, was having a launch party for a new firm at the Empire Hotel. I'd dressed for the occasion in a hot pink Just Cavalli dress and a pair of purple suede shooties by Brian Atwood. My hair was parted down the middle and my eighteen inches of Remi were flowing silkily behind me.When you're an editor at one of the top magazines in the country, looking your best is a must at all times, and this party was no exception.

When I stepped out of the elevator onto the rooftop, smelled the fall air and took in the view of midtown Manhattan, I was once again reminded of how lucky I was. I didn't have it all, but I had a lot, and that was something to be thankful for. In a mood to celebrate, and not seeing a reason to wait, I headed straight for the bar.

"A Ciroc Bay Breeze please?"

As I waited for the bartender to mix my drink, I surveyed the room and noticed a lot of movers and shakers. One thing about publicists is that they know people from all walks of life. In my once over of the room, I'd noticed a Yankee player, a few castoffs from America's Next Top Model (those girls always find their way into a party somehow or another), a few rappers and B-list pop stars, and some Wall Street cads who could always be found at these types of parties. If not for them, who would the ANTM girls get to make them feel like Naomi and Tyra.

I picked up my drink, and headed to find the host, when I felt fingers close around my arm. I turned around to see Cash looking down on me looking as fine as ever. I'd seen a few hedge fund types in the room, I just hadn't expected to see mine.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Just In Case You Were Wondering...


So I'm a writer who doesn't write. Go figure.

It's not that I haven't wanted to but I've just been too busy living to document it. And not in a good way...

Let me put it to you this way:

When life is grand, and things are going great, it's easy to put that into words. Or when you're learning life lessons that behoove you to share them with others, it's pretty simple to jot those down. Effortless even. It's just doing my duty to spread love and wisdom. After all, it is the Brooklyn way.

It's just that lately, things haven't been all good with me. From financial struggles, to familial and relationship drama. It's just all been to much. *throws head back and puts the back of my hand on my forehead for dramatic affect*

But never fear (if you care), Miss White is here. Back and better than ever. I just needed some breathing time. I needed to live a little and not worry about writing, school, or anything else for that matter besides getting my mind right. Now that I've done that, or so I hope, I'm back on my J-O. I was just slackin' for a minute, I was gon get right back.

So with that said dear readers, thank you for continuing to check for me in my absence and I hope you continue to do so in the future when I fall off, as I undoubtedly will. Sometimes life gets to be too much, even for us glass half full types. But I've refilled my glass and I'm feeling a little less parched. Check back on Thursday for the revival of the Kyla Chronicles!


Miss White