Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Kyla Chronicles - What's In A Number?


Luckily for me, Apollo did not disappoint. After he was done French kissing my love below, he kissed his way back north and proceeded to probe me with his member. My body was ready for him and when he breached security, all types alarms went off in my head but they were telling me to stay right where I was. Not to flee the premises but to follow his lead.   As my body writhed underneath Apollo and beckoned for more of what he was giving me, I said a silent thank you to the Vegas Gods for planting this fine specimen of a man right on top of me.

I'd been nervous that I would be wasting a number on him at first, causing a little apprehension. But this was a new me. I used to think of every sexual encounter in terms of my "number" and being ruined for my husband. I know it sounds medieval but I'd fallen prey to some of the ridiculous ideals society lays on women. As Apollo kissed my neck, and maneuvered his body in ways I hadn't dreamed imaginable, the only number I was concerned with was how many more strokes it would take for me to climax.

It wasn't many.


We went on like that for the rest of the morning. That Apollo was a God in the bedroom much like his name indicated. He was also well spoken and articulate, and his deep bravado ensured that I could listen to him talk for hours. In the meantime in between times, we'd had many conversations about relationships and the dynamics between men and women. In keeping with his aversion to monogamy, I'd learned that Apollo had been with an innumerable amount of women. He had a way of making his escapades sound more worldly than disgusting and as I laid in his arms, listening to his tales of lovers past, I thirstily inquired about more. I felt more like a student than a conquest, and I was enjoying what I was learning. In fact, laying next to him and being treated as well as I was, body and soul, I felt more like the conqueror than the conquered.

Eventually, Sasha started to blow up my phone and I felt guilty about spending so much time apart from her. Unfortunately, things hadn't fared as well with Damien. He'd went back to her villa with her and passed out before she'd even gotten out of the shower. Begrudgingly, I told Apollo I had to call it but I'd be interested in spending some more time with him before I had to head back home. If he was up for it. He quickly agreed, but of course there were terms. He had to at least promise to be monogamous while I was in town. What? I didn't find it a lot to ask, especially since him and his girl were on the fritz. He agreed and we made plans to meet up later that night.

The rest of the trip, I spent my days shopping and lunching with Sasha, as we laughed and got kicks out of her failed attempts at snagging an Apollo of her own. I spent my nights with Apollo enjoying not only his time but his body too. On our last night together, we sat underneath the star filled Las Vegas sky and out if nowhere he said,

"Kyla, I'm happy I met you."

"I'm happy I met you too. You gave me a Vegas trip I'll always remember."

"And you gave me a few things to remember too. The time I spent with you made me realize that I do want to have someone to spend my life with. Whether we procreate or not."

"Damn, I knew I had that good good, but not enough to make a man change his whole philosophy on relationships in a matter of days. If only I could bottle my shit up and sell it."

He playfully nudged my arm and said, "Nah I'm serious though. Don't get me wrong. You most definitely have that good good, but that's not what made me realize it. It was the fact that I could open up to you and talk to you without judgment. Some of the shit, I told you, I've never even told my "girl". You can get good good from anybody but you can't get what you gave me from just anyone. So...thank you."

"Wow you got a little heavy on me but I appreciate that. I'm not gonna lie, I was probably more open because I'm on vacation and I don't have as much to lose as your girl. But you're easy to listen to and I'm learning to be more understanding of others and the choices they make. I'm starting to make some different ones of my own...starting with you. I know it sounds cliche to say 'I've never done this before', but in truth I haven't. Meeting you has been wonderful and I guess I should also say thank you. Seems like everyone is a happy camper round these parts."

He chuckled, "You're welcome. Now let's enjoy your last night and let me show you how I can make you even happier that you met me."

"I can live with that."

I wasn't throwing all my morals out the window, but I was playing by my own rules. I no longer found reason to play any role but the one I wrote for myself, and I was enjoying the storyline so far. Although I'd become more comfortable with thinking about sex less in terms of a number, and more in terms of what I was okay with, I hadn't abandoned all my ideals. I was silently thanking goodness for my time with Tristan as he at least allowed me to keep my number down. The bastard was good for something. After years of him being the only one, it seemed I had a few notches to play with. And Apollo was only the beginning.

To be continued...


Alissa said...

Ooooh, steamy! Love it :) my hubby was next to me as I read the opening paragraph and he was like "WHaaaaatcha reeeeadinN???" With an impish smile on his face. I think you made him blush! :):)

MISS WHITE said...

Lol! Always a good thing when you can make a grown man blush! ;-)