Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Kyla Chronicles - What Happens In Vegas


"Ms. St. James?? Tristan on line 2 again. Would you like to take it?", the voice said from my intercom.

"Tell him I'm busy...again. And I will be...forever. Make sure you add forever for good measure.", I said releasing the button on the intercom with as much annoyance as I could.

It had been a month since Tristan and I had broken up and I was still adjusting. Being in a relationship for so long, I'd forgotten what it was like to be single. Here it was, a Thursday evening and I was still in the office with no plans. No dinner to rush home and make. No date to catch up on the week's happenings. Just me and another episode of Grey's Anatomy. In a matter of weeks, my life had become so...boring.

There were times, that Tristan would be gone for weeks at a time, but him coming home always gave me something to look forward to. Then there were times that he did nothing but local gigs and I could look forward to laying next to him every night, while he laid other pipe. Now my pipes were a little more than rusty and the only bed buddy I had was my remote control. I was starting to feel pretty pathetic and I needed to do something. Maybe a change of scenery would do me some good.

"Melanie? Get Sasha on the line for me please?", I said through the intercom.

"Right away Ms. St. James.", came the reply.

My assistant Melanie was such a sweetheart, but the poor child thought she was in a real life version of "The Devil Wears Prada". The thing is...I'm no Anna Wintour, and she's no Anne Hathaway. I'm a junior editor for one of the leading Black women's magazines in the country, Sass. I'd spent the early part of my twenties climbing my way up the editorial ladder, and I was just starting to see it pay off. Being an editor at Sass most definitely has its perks. Free clothes from some top designers. Tickets to some of the hottest events in town...networking and otherwise. A corner office, a corporate card, and my very own assistant aka my own little mini me.

On paper, it seemed like I had it all together. Up until a few weeks ago, I thought I did. The fabulous wardrobe, the sweet condo, and the man of my dreams. Too bad he'd turned out to be a nightmare. Albeit, a beautiful one. Over the past few weeks I'd realized, I could kinda see why Tristan would feel like he was behind me career wise, but to do me like that? Please! Straight bitch move. Jealous of my success? How cliche. Somehow my thoughts always drifted back to Tristan and it was really starting to piss me off. This was exactly why I needed a vacay. And stat!


"Sasha Jordan on line 2."

"Thanks Melanie."

"Hey boo!! Wha gwan?", I said in my faux Jamaican accent to my longtime BFF.

"Nothing hunni. Wha gwan wit u? Ever since things went south with ya boy I aint heard from you. You been MIA. I told you we coulda done a drive by on that nucca but you playing games."

"Yo ass is crazy hunni. I wouldn't even give him the satisfaction. He hasn't heard from nor seen me since I left him packing his shit up at my crib, and on this end, it's gonna stay that way. But that's actually why I'm calling you. Even though I haven't seen him, I still think about him a little too much for my liking. Old habits die hard I guess, and him blowing up my office phone everyday doesn't help either. You know I blocked his number on my cell."

"I already know.", she said knowingly. "Well what happened with ole boy Cash? I'm sure he can take your mind off Tristan in more ways than a few."

"Girl you just nasty! I haven't hit Cash up either. He's texted me here and there but he knows I just ended a relationship. He seems like a good dude and I don't want to rebound with him. I'd rather rebound with somebody I ain't never gon see again. Ya digggg??"

"See now you talkin'! That's my type of party! So what did you have in mind?"

"Well I wanted to see if you had plans this weekend. You know this corporate card is burning a hole in my wallet and there's a convention this weekend in Vegas that I can use as a reason to get down there. I need a girl's weekend and what better way to celebrate a break up than a trip to Vegas baby! You down?"

The screeching that came through the phone told me a yes was coming. "Does a bear shit in the woods and wipe his ass with a rabbit? Of course I'm down! When have I been known to turn down a free trip? Girl be serious! Helping you mend a broken heart and a girl's trip? Seems like a win win to me!"

"Yeah girl, me too. I just need to do something different. I'm tired of the work home, work home routine. I need some fun in my life! So here's the deal: I'll have my assistant book the trip and email you the details. We'll send a car for you, 'cause I know ya ass has no concept of time whatsoever-"

"Whatever trick! I do have a concept of own!"

"Yeah aight. Just be ready when the car gets there or you gon have a concept of my foot in yo ass! Kaaaay? Kay!"

"Ha. Ha. Ha. Yeah aight. We'll see! Ok boo so tomorrow! Don't worry we're gonna make this a trip to remember. Trust me...I won't let you down."

And I knew she wouldn't.


After a much needed hours long nap (the six hour plane ride killed us), we were feeling refreshed and ready to hit the town. We headed out to Rain, a nightclub in The Palm Casino. Sasha and I were dressed to the nines. Me clad in a Nina Ricci silver sequined mini with the matching Daffodil Loubies. Sasha was laced in a black Herve Leger that hugged her curves in all the right places. We were New York girls shutting Vegas down and we knew it.

We went right up to the door and dropped the bouncer an extra fifty dollars to jump the line. Nothing fly about waiting on line to get into the club. We headed for the VIP section and got us a table ASAP. The lights and smoke from the club made it hard to see what was going on, but from the looks of things the eye candy was lacking. I don't discriminate but I was seeing nothing chocolate on the menu. Not that I was sampling but I didn't mind a good preview.

After the cocktail waitress brought our drinks we popped our bottles and started to party. Sasha and I were getting approached all night, but seemingly from short Arab and Asian guys. We were looking for Hakim and Kareem, not Harold and Kumar.

I spotted a cutie in all black that had been standing in one spot all night. With a closer look, I realized he wasn't a patron but security for the club. But damn he was fine. He was darkskinned, had to be atleast 6'2", and pushing a healthy 220. He was a whole lot of man but nothing more than I could handle. I gave Sasha a look, then nodded in his direction. She looked back at me and I knew we were going over there. His back was to us, so she started making all these silly gestures. Dancing behind him, mock caressing him, and dropping down low getting her eagle on. I looked on in amusement until she beckoned me over to do the same. I looked at her like she was crazy, but at that point, I'd taken two shots of Patron and had a Coco Loso in my hand. My inhibitions were going further and further out the door.

Fine ass securtiy wasn't that on point, because he clearly was too aware of what was going on in front of him, to be concerned with what was going on behind. A half hour had passed and he hadn't even payed us a glance. By then I had dropped it low so many times, my knees were aching. Suddenly, he turned around, looked right into my eyes and said,

"Yo! You just grabbed my ass!"

I looked at him in shock and protested "No I didn't!"

"Yes you did!", he insisted,

"Excuse you! I've been dancing with you all night - well on you all night, and you haven't paid attention til now. If I wanted to grab ya ass, I woulda been done it!"

Sasha sheepishly raised a finger and said, "Ummm, yeah...that was me. I couldn't take it anymore. Your ass just looked too hard and I wanted to see if it felt as firm as it looked."

He looked at her and then me and laughed. "Man ya'll crazy. Ya'll aint from out here are ya'll?"

Sasha motioned from head to toe and said, "Do we look like we from out here?"

He looked us up and down and said, "Negative."

Though he was playing it cool, I felt some type of way about being accused of damn near molesting this man.

"Excuse my friend, she's a little bit wild sometimes.", I said refocusing the conversation back to how I had not grabbed his ass.

"She's wild?" I asked eyebrows raised. "I saw you droppin' it low all night but I just ain't say nothin'. You looked like you were having too much fun for me to ruin it." He shrugged.

Sasha chimed in, "And don't be excusin' me, 'cause you were right over here with me."

"Yeah but I aint know you was gon grab the man's ass.", I reminded her.

"Well he don't look like he minded too much.", she said in his direction.

"Ladies, ladies. Don't bicker on my account. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it. And it got us talking didn't it?" He extended his hand to me, "What's your name? I'm Apollo."

He looked like an Apollo.

I took his hand and shook it. "I'm Kyla and this is my friend Sasha."

"Well Kyla and Sasha, as you can see, I am at work but I'll tell you how you can make up taking advantage of me.", he smiled. "I would love to show you ladies what Vegas has to offer other than bright lights and casinos. If ya'll want, when I get off, I can bring another one of the guys who works here, since ya'll got a thing for security, and we can all get breakfast or something after the club. Just think of it as us letting bygones be bygones. Ya'll game?"

Sasha gave me a look that said, What happens in Vegas?

"Yeah, we're game. We'll meet you in the hotel lobby at five. Cool?", I replied.

"Cool. And Kyla? I want you."

To be continued...

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