Monday, July 25, 2011

Lovin' Lovey's

Ya girl Miss White @ Lovey's

Whattup ya'll? *Lala Vasquez-Anthony voice*

Just wanted to drop ya'll a line to let ya'll know about Lovey's Boutique in Brooklyn. A quick backstory:

You know Tionna Smalls from VH1's "What Chilli Wants?" Well if not, she's the BK chick that tried to help Chilli find love. Truth be told, I've never seen the show, but being the pop culture head that I am, I heard about Tionna through the grapevine. I started following her on twitter and her brand of realness, reminded me of familiar girls I'd grown up with...and me.

One day, she tweeted about her accessories boutique, which just happened to be around the corner from my crib. Go figure! I ran over there real quick just to check out some of the accessories, being the girlie girl I am. When I got there, to my surprise Ms. Smalls herself was in the store. She was exactly as you would expect her to be. BK all day. After a quick chat, with her and a sales associate (that included me telling her about the blog of course), I purchased a bag and kept it moving.

A few days later, I found that Tionna had retweeted one of my blogs and that day alone it received over 300 views. She'd also left a comment about how she related. Love the love. I decided to repay it.


Tionna was looking for street team girls (who would be compensated for their time) to get her store more recognition in the Bed Stuy area. Her intent, to let people know the store was there. Myself, and a few other young black and fabulous ladies, hit Fulton Street with our faces beat, by Tionna's in store beauty consultant, Chyna Russell (who does make-up and eyebrows, and has her own beauty line Dollhouse Cosmetics), and dripping in bling from Lovey's. Girls left and right, wondering "Who's those girls???" *Cue Eve*

If ever you're in need of something to do, she also hosts events there, as I was a guest this past Saturday at "Bloggers Night Out".

If you like to show other sister's love that are living their dreams, and get fly in the meantime, come to BK and check out Tionna Smalls' store Lovey's. You won't be disappointed!

And Tionna - in case you're reading...thanks for showing love to your girls's blog! Don't be a stranger! ;-)

For more info on Lovey's check out the site HERE.

And to visit the store come to BK!

Lovey's Boutique
377 Marcus Garvey Blvd.
Brooklyn, NY 11221(347) 770-8870


Tenisha said...

Cute story. Gotta check it out

MISS WHITE said...

Thanks! You really should!