Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Kyla Chronicles: D Before Dishonor


Tristan walked in looking like a black Jesus with a dark Caesar haircut with the waves spinning 360. Now I know I shouldn't be comparing any man to the greatness that is J-E-S-U-S *cue the Winans circa 1985*, but I swear I heard angels singing when his fine ass walked through the door. Well he didn't walk, as much as he strode but it's the same difference. Right? Naaaah. Not even close. Who am I kidding? Only certain men stride and he was definitely one of 'em. His not quite milk chocolate skin was tinged with a golden tone, and he did not look like a man worn out from a two month bus tour. He looked almost...refreshed. He dropped his bag at the door and called out:


"I'm in here baby. In the living room laying on the couch."

He strode over to the couch and picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his broad torso and eagerly pressed my lips against his. He parted my lips with his tongue and began to hungrily massage my tongue with his. My body was  in such pleasurable shock that I followed his lead, but I quickly realized he didn't really get a chance to see what I was serving up. I spent money on that damn outfit and La Perla ain't cheap. Not to mention it was cute. He was gonna at least see it. If only momentarily. I gently pulled away and he set me down. I loved how he handled my thick frame so delicately, yet so strongly at the same time.

"Baby, I missed you more than you can imagine but I wanted you to get a good look at what you were missing." I said as I twirled around.

"You look sexy as hell babe. Trust me. Can't you tell I know just what I was missing?" He looked downward and pulled me close again. "Hence the reason I just want to touch you, hold you, do somethin' other than look." He smiled coquettishly. "You talkin' about an outfit, and I'm tryna show you how we fit."

My partner in crime replied by moistening. "Umm yeah...that too.",I fumbled. "It's just I ain't see you in how long? I wanted to look good for you." I fake pouted, turned around, walked over to the dining room table, and made sure my hips had an extra sway while I was at it. "And show off my ass-ets."

"And ass-ets you have, sexy. But you always look beautiful. That's nothing new. Now come here. Sit on my lap. Or somewhere else. Your choice."

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"In due time, beast mode." I chuckled. "Here," I said handing him a glass, "Have a glass of wine. I made you a plate too. I figured you'd be hungry for some of my food after all that traveling. Those non-descript soul food restaurants in them ole backwater towns ain't got nothin' on me."

He looked at me with a teasing look in his eye and said, "Here youuu go. They damn sure don't though. But to be honest, right now all I'm hungry for is you." Just then that IPOD shuffle was right on point, because almost on cue R.Kelly's "Seems Like You  Ready" began to pump from the surround sound.

He cast me a glance that said this could only be destiny. He strode over to me with legs that looked like they belonged to a prize winning stallion. There's something about a man that's almost twice my size, but has almost triple my grace. I guess I could be considered graceful but I work at it. Just thinking about keeping my sexy on is what kept me from tripping in my Giuseppe's. For me it takes concentration, but with Tristan it's innate. And the fact that he's not rockin' six inch heels, of course.  He picked me up effortlessly as if he was carrying me over the threshold, and lead me into the bedroom. My eyes shifted up to his face of their own volition, as if my face was just their shelter for the time being. I was once again astonished by his exquisiteness and before I knew it I uttered,

"Damn I missed you."

"Babe, you have no idea.", he grumbled.

As soon as we were through the double doors that led to the bedroom, he laid me down on the bed and began to undress me. At this point, R-ra is crooning about somebody's body being somebody's playground, licking somebody up and down, and making somebody feel like a woman should. Looking around I was the only somebody and I was happy as a dog with get the picture. I slowly pulled off Tristan's shirt, and I don't know what kind of gyms they have on the road, but it didn't seem like he'd taken any days off from his stringent work out regimen. Lucky me.

He somehow managed to kiss my neck at a vigorous, yet tempered pace. The neck gets me every time. I caressed his chest and brushed my lips over his finely structured pecs. I was loving my life and everything in it. He began to move his head south, and I'd say I'm pretty intelligent, but it didn't take a genius to figure out what came next. He hit every checkpoint on the way to his final destination but when he got there? He crossed the finish line like only he could...


After what seemed like a blissful eternity (but probably only amounted to a half hour of foreplay, and fifteen minutes of actually gettin' it in), we laid down next to each other and listened to the final my my my my my's of Silk's "Meeting In My Bedroom". When dude started wildin' at the end, singing like that meeting was either the last one he'd have or he was seriously backed up, we just looked at each other and busted out laughing. Then Tristan said,

"Babe, I'm about to hop in the shower and go eat some of that bangin' ass food you made."

"Okay baby. I'll be in with you in a second.", I answered.

Now if you know women, then you know this right here was a window of opportunity like no other. My man was away for two months. You know I had to check the phone, right? Right! It would only be fitting. A damn duty if you will! And who am I to turn my back on my duties? As soon as I heard the glass door of the shower close, I darted into the living room and scoured it for his phone. Nothing. I walked towards the front door and looked on the counter by the doorway. Bingo! His keys and his phone. I grabbed it -

"Babe you coming in the shower or what?", he called.

"I'm coming. I was thirsty. I'm getting something to drink. I'll be in in a minute.", I said trying to hide any trace of my sneakiness.

"Aight, 'cause I'm not gon' be in here forever. Hurry up!", he said sounding like I'd succeeded.

"Okaaaaay.", I whined for good measure.

My heart was racing but now was my chance. I entered his password - yes he had a password. Something about not wanting people to get in it if he lost it. Whatever. I just wrote it off as the bullshit you tell your girl as to why you have a password. But you know he wasn't gettin' away with keepin' it a secret from my ass. I eyeballed the text messages and found nothing but messages from managers and promoters telling him about gigs, and a few miscellaneous texts from his boys. But the BBM's? I still had the BBM's.  You know them damn Blackberry users and their BBM's. I scrolled down the list and looked for open convos. I found one with a character called ManolosDead. Somebody's about twenty years late. Then one dubbed FullAndPaid. A fat boy's take on Paid In Full, maybe? Nothing interesting there. But then someone named, TheSexualSongstress caught my eye.

Not a good look.

I opened the conversation, and the first thing I saw was,

Last night, was incredible. You can run home to that little girl of yours, but we both know she can't please you like I can. Don't worry, as long as I continue to get mine, I'll continue to keep our little secret.

Really not a good look.

To be continued...


Hannah said...

Love it... You know woman have that curiosity and that natural intuition that always drives us to find exactly what we are looking for. Owwww :)

MISS WHITE said...

True dat! Thanks for reading and commenting!

ShakahraJenell said...!!!! You just got a new subscriber and advocate for this blog! Keep it coming! SO VERY PROUD!!! And I'm not even gonna ask you how you know all your writing about...( yeah I know you grown- but I remember the braces!) BUT truly your creativity is wonderful... look forward to seeing my comments every week... Good job hun!

MISS WHITE said...

Haha! Damn just put the braces on blast! Lol! But yassss hunni...Iiiis grown naa! Lol! But juuust to be clear, this is NOT autobiographical lol. Just the way my brain works!! Thanks so much for the love and support! Looking forward to seeing you every week! :-)

MsMoodyIfYaNasty said...

Love it! Now quit playing and write a book! I am far too nosy to wait a whole week...keep up the great work babes = )

MISS WHITE said...

Thanks a lot! You wait longer for a can wait a week! lol! The book soon the meantime in between time...let Kyla whet your appetite! Thanks for reading and commenting!

Alissa said...

Yuuuuummmy! I'm LO-VING-THIS! Great stuff my lady :)

MISS WHITE said...

Thanks girl! ;-)