Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Letters To My Unborn Child - Keep The Faith

Hi Baby,

Right now, I just want you to know how good you have it. When you're a child, you have nothing much to worry about besides getting good grades and being kind to people. Some children don't have it that easy, as they are too often burdened with grown up problems. Mommy has done her best to make sure you didn't have to deal with those things, because undoubtedly baby those times will come.

Mommy has talked to you about faith before and I want to make sure you have an understanding of what it is. Faith can be described as loyalty or allegiance to a cause or person. It can also be defined as complete confidence in a person or plan. You can have faith in many things: yourself, your loved ones, your purpose in life, and many other things. But right now let's focus on your faith in GOD.


Of the many lessons Mommy wishes to impart with you, I want you to pay special attention to the power of faith. When Mommy was small my Daddy, your Granddaddy, would always tell me "Put your faith in GOD, because people will always disappoint you". I wasn't sure I understood it how I should have when I was a child, but let Mommy put it to you this way. We all have to leave this earth one day and hopefully spend eternity with God. In the meantime we will lose loved ones and they won't always be here for us. Sorry baby, but even Mommy will no longer be here one day. But the beautiful thing is GOD will never leave your side. Never baby. That's why you hold on tight to your faith and always let it be your anchor.

Sometimes you will feel alone because that's how life is. It won't be perfect all the time. But GOD will never forsake you. Which brings me to the other lesson I want to share with you baby. Mommy grew up in a Baptist church where they'd sing all of these beautiful songs. One in particular said "He may not come when you want him to, but he's always right on time." Baby, if there's one thing I want you to do, it's always keep the faith. When you think you have nowhere to turn...when Mommy or Daddy isn't there, you're never alone baby. Just because you don't see a physical miracle manifest before your eyes, it doesn't mean that GOD isn't working hard to make sure all your needs are met. Until I no longer can be, know that along with GOD Mommy has will always be by your side. But know that not even Mommy, can provide what GOD can. I love you.




BRD said...

wow!!!! this is legacy.

MISS WHITE said...

Wow!!!! Thank you!