Thursday, March 31, 2011

If You Do All The Crying, What The Babies Gon' Do??


This workout has been killing me. I understand that if exercising was easy, everybody would be runnin' round here with fit bodies and sick shapes. As evidenced by the obesity numbers in this country, many others share my sentiment. What they probably don't share is the desire that I have for my body to be bad. I'm aiming for back fat and other unsightly additions to be non-muthaf**kn factors. What I'm also looking forward to making a non factor is the 2 size alternatives that I have to take into the dressing room, because I could be either size depending on the week. I want to go in the store, know my size, pick it up and leave. Being that I'm not there yet, I had to ask myself: Where is crying about the workout going to get you besides the same results you've been seeing? The answer? Nowhere. So I needed to knock it off. The complaining was not only counterproductive, but I'd begun to annoy even myself.

Speaking of annoyed, the other day I was on one of the social networks and  I was annoyed to see another depressing status update. Don't get me wrong I've been known to vent a time or two about a rainy day, a random argument, maybe the MTA throwing off my whole day, and of course working out. But when you go online and see depressing post after depressing post, often from the same people,  it's like "Really?? ANOTHER Bad Day?". I'm starting to think it may be you. That same day I updated my status to say: "Hate a habitual complainer. If u don't like your situation...change it. Find SOMETHING to be happy about. That is all."

Granted it may have been a little unnecessarily snarky, and even a bit preachy but there's nothing worse than grown a$$, capable people boo-hooing. Worse than a crying woman is a crying man. Seems today we have more of those shedding figurative tears than should be conceivable. can cry in the dark, in the light, I could really care less. I don't have a problem with an emotional man, or an emotional person at all. But I do have a problem with someone who cries about their problems and does nothing to fix them.


Women are known to be emotional and the more likely of the two sexes to have a good cry. Yet women have always been known as the backbone and arguably the strength of the family. Just look at matriarchs like Ruth Younger in "A Raisin in The Sun", Florida Evans from "Good Times", or even Claire Huxtable who had five kids, a career, and a husband with bad eating habits to monitor. You could even start locally and look no further than your own mother or grandmother. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the role women play in the home and relationships in general. We are there to nurture, support, and guide our families. Most times we do it eagerly and lovingly.

We all have our roles to play.

While we woman up and play our positions, we're often left playing multiple ones. I find that sometimes a man can be quick to tell a woman what her duties are, but can easily fall short of meeting his. This is not to say there aren't plenty of stand up dudes out here. Not only do they exist, but I know a few. The other day one of 'em happened to be complaining to me about his crying a$$ man. He said after he could no longer listen to his man on the other end of the phone tell his sob story he straight up asked him:

"Yo my man? If you do all the crying, what the babies gon' do?"

I'm sure the question threw his man off more than a little. One, people aren't used to real talk like that. And two, he'd probably never even asked himself the question in some way. How can you be the man of the house and the foundation of a family unit if all you do is fold under pressure? How could you expect a woman to lean on you or have faith in you, if you always need a shoulder? I'm just saying that PROaction trumps REaction any day, and taking on a "woe is me" attitude is among the worst type of reacting.

As long as you're going for yours and not crying about how you can't make it happen, support will be there for the taking. But if you're just whining, save the tears over your situation and do something to change it. In the meantime, I'll take my own advice and go hit this workout!


MeMe said...

As per usual your post is of substance. I really really enjoyed this one. It made me laugh, think and nod my head all at the same time.

I will be the first to admit that I could be really down on myself and feel like I'm not stepping up & then complain about it instead of doing something abt it(not all the time BUT more than I would like). All in all peeps need to get off their a** and begin to change their situation if they don't like it.

Great Job!!!

MISS WHITE said...

Thanx for reading and commenting! I'm glad this resonated with you! Sometimes you do have to check yourself like, whoa I'm in control here so if it's not getting done then I probably have something to do with it lol.