Friday, March 18, 2011



To the left, to the left

But the right is pulling hard

For some direction I am starved

At a crossroads

Which way to go

A haphazard river with no steady flow

A road map would help

'Cause I can't find my way

Confusion an inconvenient delay

In my heart lies the right path

Though the wrong one pulls and inflicts its wrath

Holding onto me as tight as latex

Postponing my trip to the imminent apex

Reason has left me alone out in the cold

The warmth of righteousness 

Eluding me like a straight line in a fold

Mind over matter

Oh yeah that's rich

What happens when the matter's too great

That mantra becomes impossible to relate

Confliction wars amidst chaos internally 

Conclusiveness an illusory destination on a trying journey 


Anonymous said...

I've felt conflicted so many times, right now being one of them. Thanks for was right on time for me

MISS WHITE said...

No problem! Glad to help! Thanks for reading and commenting!!