Thursday, March 17, 2011

Can I Get A Do Over?

Ever wish life came with a rewind button? Or a white out pen? Or even a backspace key? I know I do. Sometimes I do something and I immediately wish I could take it back. It's kinda like, "Hey, can we just act like that never happened?" *insert smiling face and batting eyes* Unfortunately though, seeing as how this is real life, there's some truth to the saying "what's done is done". Le Sigh.

Yesterday I was explaining my whole "death before dishonor" relationship approach to a friend of mine. He asked me if I ever feel like I'm overreacting because, I quote, "you seem like the type to overreact". Ha! Possibly true. But who's to say what overreacting is? To say someone is overreacting diminishes their feelings and also says that what they hold as important isn't nearly as significant as their making it out to be. Who says? Overreacting, like most things is subjective. After I broke it down with that logic he agreed but still he asked, "You don't make mistakes?"

Boy do I ever.


You know what one of the worst things in the world is? Hurting someone else. For all the crap I spew about the type of friend I am and what I pride myself on, I spend little time on the people I've hurt and the wrongs I've done. I'm sure a lot of that comes from the fact that I feel like I dont betray people, which in my view is the ultimate. But other people have their own views of the ultimate, and maybe I've been guilty of committing what some would consider an unforgiveable infraction. It's not so much the wrongdoing that bothers me. I could live with that because as previously noted, I do make mistakes...a lot of them.
It's more so the hurt that I inflict on someone else that bothers me to my core.

Times like that, I start wishing that rewind button on life was a reality. But since it's not, it's where humility picks up where ego left off. When someone else is hurt by your actions, the least a person can do is make genuine amends. If for no other reason, hurting someone else...hurts. It often leaves me clamoring for a do over (member those?) that never comes. So I realize, maybe I haven't been making enough allowances for people and their "mistakes". Seems like I have a world of them awaiting me and I'll need people to make some concessions. I may have to start making a few of my own...

What say you? Are you forgiving? Do you hold higher standards for others than you do for yourself?


Hasruger said...

Humility and being honest with oneself happens to be a trait that many of us lack and they r great characteristics to possess. There are no do overs,but being apologetic will always suffice.

MISS WHITE said...

Thank for reading and commenting! The optimistic side of me hopes an apology will suffice. The not so sunny side wonders if sorry if enough. Here's hoping!