Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Letters To My Unborn Child - Don't Cry Me A River; Make It Rain


Mommy raises you with an outlook that's reminiscent of the glass half full theory. There are those, we call pessimists, who choose to look at the glass as half empty. Those of us who are optimists choose to believe that although things may look bleak, the flipside of that is that the probability of things looking up is just as much of a possibility. There will be times when you feel things are so bad that you have limited options but baby trust Mommy when I tell you, there are always options. A long time ago, Mommy was taught the difference between being proactive and being reactive. It would only be right to share my lessons with you, love.

Being reactive, means that you wait for situations to happen, or possibly for them to boil over before you make a decision to do something about them. Being proactive is the exact opposite. It means that you plan the outcome of a situation and assess your options before letting it get out of control. Baby, the goal is to always be proactive. There will always be instances that are unforseeable but the ones that are, you have to make it your business to be in control of them. Always remember the serenity prayer and some notable lines that say "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference".


One thing you will NOT do (as long as I have breath in my lungs) is take on a "Woe is me" mindframe. First of all, it's useless. Not to mention, it's exhausting to the people that love you, as well as counterproductive. Progress and productivity are what Mommy wants you to focus on. The time you waste crying a river is nothing but missed opportunities to make your situation better. In this family baby, we don't cry over spilled milk. We mop it up and keep it moving. We don't cry rivers. We make it rain in abundance. Or better yet, when the going gets tough, we call on the higher power to guide us and provide us with the tools to make it rain.

Baby, don't misunderstand Mommy. I want you to know that there will definitely be some tough times that lie ahead because that's life. It won't be sweet all the time. But the fact, that we're living it is sweet enough. While you're blessed to be here, I want you to make the best of it. I want you to know that whatever help I can provide, it's here whenever you need it. Though, in order to be self sufficient and proactive, look above for guidance and don't underestimate the power of faith and prayer.



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