Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why THIS Black Girl Means So Much For All of Us


What a great day for Black Girls!

Please take a walk with me through my thought process and please, I beg of you...stay with me:


Just got home from work, banging Nicki Minaj on the XBOX while I do some internet perusing. While browsing, I'm over here rapping and making stereotypical Black girl gestures, i.e swerving my neck and jerking my head back and forth. I think to myself as I rhyme along and marvel at her clever punchlines:

This chick is hot I don't care what nobody says: If you don't like her and Beyonce you're a hater

Then I realize, not liking someone's music and not respecting what they do for females as a whole, are not one in the same. Whatever your thoughts about either of the two women, they've both done a lot for females in not only a male dominated society, but a highly male dominated industry.

While these thoughts, are running around my head, I happen to run across an article that I had already seen on earlier today, but it struck me in a different way.

Since I had just finished thinking about what Nicki and Bey have done for Black girls, I was elated to see that there would be a black girl starring on Gossip Girl. For those of us who watch Gossip Girl, we know that we aint see nan black girl, with a speaking role, on there since the earlier seasons of the show. You don't have to watch the show to know that Black girls aren't running around a plenty on the Upper West Side (where the show is set) in reality so in TV Land they damn sure aren't well represented, if at all.

Still with me? Ok good.

After I saw the new cast member, me being me, I had to Google her name to find out a few deets about her. She's none other than actress Tika Sumpter, of One Life To Live Fame (if you call being a soap star fame). What I found out was not only is she on one of the biggest, yet noticeably melanin lacking, shows on TV right now (GG), she's also going to have a recurring role on the highly anticipated, returning show "The Game". This is a show that can arguably be called the most melanin infused show on television, having a predominantly Black cast (unless your counting Tyler Perry's TV shows which obviously I'm not).

I'm not into the whole race dividing BS, but I can't lie and say, that as a dark-skinned girl myself, I wasn't  happy to see she's who they put on the show. I love Bey just as much (if not more...I'm a bit of a Bey groupie truth be told) as the next person, but we saw how easy it was for her to "pass" in that Loreal commercial debacle. I would be so bold as to say that most of the celebrity and superstar African American females that we have representing us aren't necessarily of the darker persuasion. That's fine with me, cause Black is Black and it's oh so beautiful no matter what shade it comes in. But, again, I would be lying if I said that it didn't just tickle me pink (not literally of course since I have so clearly stated my chocolatey goodness) to see some sisters on the darker end of the spectrum get some representation.

As I'm marveling in a big win for chocolate sisters everywhere, I happen upon Necole Bitchie's site (I can multi-task what can I say?). The first headline read: "Did Lil Wayne Really Say That?" , and um r ah, me being me I wanted to know what he said. You can check the article out HERE. Hunnay, the things he allegedly said to a dark skinned girl were appalling and, if true, disgusting.

Upon entering the room Weezy was in, the girl was given what has become a not so uncommon back handed compliment, "You're pretty for a dark skinned girl". Any dark skinned girl this side of Rudy Huxtable has heard that line before. What we have not heard is Wayne's not so common remark: "I bet that b*tch look better red".

Hol' up. Huh?

It gets better (or worse depending on your POV).

She questions him about his dark skinned daughter and he goes on to say:

“My daughter is a dark skin millionaire thats the difference between her and you. MY daughter is the first and last dark skin child im having, the rest of my baby moms light skin chicks. I even got an asian baby moms to make sure I have a daughter with good hair, too bad we had a son."

Wooooooooooooooooooow *Flavor Flav voice*

This is no laughing matter at all, but that's really all I could say After my high from my great Black girl day, I was a little unnerved to see that article. It didn't steal my joy, but it made me a bit sad that we still do this. We still play these games and we still have these mindsets. I say WE because unfortunately, it isn't just Wayne. It's the deep rooted ignorance that runs rampant in our community. We need more representations of the beauty and strength of Blackness rather than the inferiority of it. Especially from our own people. This right here is one of the reasons I was so happy to see that a beautiful dark skinned sistah like Tika is getting some recognition and giving some representation to Black girls everywhere. 

Who cares?

At the end of the day, it's making all of us a nevermind because this is how cycles continue. I don't have the time nor ignorance to endorse it, but I do have the time and the mind to speak out against it. For a man who runs around talking about "No Ceilings", has signed one of the aforementioned ladies, he has clearly set the "ceiling" pretty close to the floor.  We need a lot more Tikas before people, even our own, start to revere and appreciate Black beauty, as they do typical/conventional beauty. 

Good thing his authority means nothing. Still a great day for Black girls nonetheless. We Rock!



MeMe said...

Great post. And me being a Cocoa FAB beauty, I have definitely heard the line "You're pretty for a dark skin girl".... and it has always hit a nerve w/me. It's like so am I not pretty, period?!

Now being a bit older and mature, I take comments like that as ignorance & insecurity w/ one's own self. I am glad you brought up this point and even more glad that I got to read it.

Sidenote: I still like Lil Wayne, but its obvious he doesn't like himself, being that he loves talking about a "red bish" very chance he gets....yet he probably couldn't reel one in(or any other black woman w/ some sense)if he didn't have his millions.

MISS WHITE said...

I also take that backhanded compliment as saying more about the commenter than me.

As far as Wayne is concerned...the jury's still out. This wasn't the first time he showed love to light skinned girls, and I don't think there's a problem with a preference in regards to who someone's attracted to. The problem arises when dark skinned girls have to be slighted or demeaned in the process. I don't know if the story is true but if so, shame on him. I hope he gets to the root of his issues. Thanx for reading and for your comment!