Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nightmare At The Showcase

Remember a few months ago when I told ya'll about the rap attacks my boo sporadically has.  If not check it out HERE.  So it seems they are starting to pay off.  His music career is starting to take off, at a steady pace.  You can probably imagine how happy I am for him.  Anytime someone is actually living their dream I'm happy for them 'cause so few people get to do that.  Often times we do what he have to do in order to do what he have to do.  Ya digg??  Add to that the fact that's it's MY boo and I couldn't be more excited for him.

He was presented with the opportunity to do a showcase for Hot 97 (if you're not from NY, that's our hip hop radio station).  As you can probably's a pretty big deal.  In the days leading up to the show, I hear him talking about it.  The songs he's gonna perform, what he's gonna wear, what he wants to portray.  But one thing I don't hear is "Boo, are you coming to my show?"

The day of the show comes.  He's getting all fly and ki-ki-ing it up on the phone with his boys, talking about the plans.  About 20 minutes before he leaves, I'm chillin' in my bed, in my robe and thinking "This mofo really not gon' ask me to come to his show."

So I say, "You didn't ask me to come to your show..."

He says, "Yeah...'cause I aint want you there."

Hold the mutha-effin' phone....WHAT??????

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Me: "Way to keep it real.  Why not?"

Him: "'Cause...this is my first show in 2 years and whenever you're around I'm in "Nee-Nee" mode.  I need to make sure you're safe and n*ggas aint tryna get at you and be disrespectful.  I don't know what type of spot it is and I don't know what the crowd'll be like.  It could be a sausage fest and if you're there...I'm not gonna be focused on what I need to be focused on which is my show."


Me: "Yeah I hear you and everything but I just don't understand why it's that serious.  Just how it's your first show in two years, it'll be the first time I'M seeing your show in two years.  What's the big deal?"

He then goes on and on pretty much repeating what he'd just said.  I leave it alone.  Why would I want to be somewhere that I'm not wanted?

Five minutes before he leaves he says: "I just called *cousin* to see if she was busy.  I wanted to see if she could take you and pick you up 'cause I don't want you on the train this time of night."

Huh?  It was 9:30.  Now I need a babysitter?  And furthermore, now I'm allowed to go?

I go into my whole typical black girl "I'm a grown ass woman" speech and he's all: "Yo I was just tryna make sure you had a ride."  Yeah ok.  How did you know that I wanted HER to be my ride.  Why are you making decisions for me?  And an even better question is WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?  This show got you buggin' homie.

So I decide to call up MY peoples and we ride out together. Of course, I get decked out in my all black everything.  Now I HAVE to represent.  We get there.  He texts me literally as soon as I get through the door, "Where are u?".  I reply, "Here".  He spots us.  He clears a path through the crowd and parts it like the red sea.  We walk through all glam feeling like the spotlight is on us.  He greets me very affectionately and I'm wondering, "What changed?" . We chill for a minute, have a few cocktails and watch a few of the opening acts.  His performance is coming up so I leave my quiet corner and take the front row seat he's arranged for me.  One act left before he's up to perform.

Some dude comes up and starts singing some song that I wasn't paying the slightest bit of  attention to.  Next thing you know, I look up and he's rapping the song TO ME!  Damn near serenading me. OH NO!  WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME???

My boo is standing right next to me, head in hands, obviously thinking the same thing.  Seinfeld moment if I've ever had one.  The dude finishes his set and all boo's friends are looking and laughing and telling me "Sis you can't come to no more shows.  You gon have our boy lose his mind."

Uuuuummmmm yah.  Maybe.  In the end, my boo did a great job.  His show went off without a hitch. The crowd loved him and I was proud.  By the end of the night he was so happy that I came and was able to share in the experience with him.  But boys will be boys....

Him: "So you know I had to say something to him right?"

ME: "You didn't! What did you say?"

Him: "Yeah I did. All I said was 'Homie, I appreciated your show.  You did a good job. know that was my girl, right?"

That may be the last show I'll be at.  Until he's at the Garden!

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