Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Letters To My Unborn Child - Handle With Care

Hi Baby,

There are many lessons that I plan to teach you over time. I'm sure you will have your share of lessons to teach me as well. One of the first things we'll show each other is how we expect to be treated. We'll teach ourselves how to be considerate of and careful with one another. You and I will undoubtedly have our share of disagreements baby, but as long as we have a certain amount of respect and consideration we'll get through them with minimal damage (or so I'm hoping - I hear all bets are off once you become a teenager). This, sweetheart, is how Mommy wants you to go into all situations, with respect and consideration.


Let me ask you a question baby: Do you ever notice how an adult holds a baby? Do you notice the delicate manner in which they care for the child? They hold the baby's head up and don't allow it to loll about right? Well that's because babies are fragile. Do you know what fragile means? It means that something may be easily breakable but no so easily fixed.

Baby, what Mommy wants you to understand is that you should handle fragile situations, or better yet any situation with a certain amount of care, sorta the way people care for babies. Sort of delicately. There will be those times to be stern or take a hard stance but you will know when those times are called for. Use good judgment baby and you'll figure it out. Also remember that humility will get you a lot closer to solutions than trying to be right.

Okay, baby?

What Mommy wants you to understand is that, it is not what happens but how you handle what happens. Sometimes you may feel you are RIGHT. But assigning right and wrong is not a solution, it's actually a matter of opinion. When you get older you'll learn more about opinions, but for now, just know that everyone has one, not just you. Being right is subjective,and it isn't what you want. What you want is to be the solution, or to find the solution.

What you'll soon learn, and hopefully not the hard way, is that life will most definitely throw you some curveballs. That's inevitable. What matters is what you do with them.

If you worry about the handling of things and not the things themselves, Mommy has confidence you'll be juuuuust fine.



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Anonymous said...

Little Cousin you have grown into such a beautiful women! I love this and your blog! Love you and keep it up!

MISS WHITE said...

Awwww thanx Anonymous cousin! lol

MeMe said...

This made my heart smile.... I love this letter so much Miss White.

If you don't mind, I will like to borrow this letter (w/ some additions by me, of course) to give to my child. It is just one of the many reasons why I have always respected you.

Your writing is just EXCEPTIONAL!!

MISS WHITE said...

Wow thanx Meme! Means a lot! You're also more than welcome to use this letter! ;-)