Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Just Calls 'Em How I See 'Em - Ole Fake A$% Snow Storm

What's the deal Mother Nature?  Ever heard of a snow day??

Everybody in the Northeast, namely New York, was looking forward to a nice, cozy day spent in the comforts of our own homes.  Much to our chagrin, we woke up this morning to snow plows and clear roads.  When I went to my front window and looked outside I was utterly confused. 

I was hoping to see my street covered in a thick white blanket of snow.  Instead what I found was a big yellow monster that I hear they call a snow plow.  I walk back to the bed and lay there for a little while longer, wishing and hoping to get a phone call from the office telling us not to come in. 

Finally, the phone rings.  Yes!  There is a snow day God.  Just my coworker.  Asking me if I received a call.  Womp Womp.  I dally around still waiting.  Then a thought occurs to me. Hey!  Why don't I be proactive?  I call my boss's cell phone.  He doesn't pick up.  Bad sign.  Maybe he's on his way into the office, or worse, there already.  I try the office phone. 

He's in.

"Hey *insert Boss's name here*.  Just calling to see if the office was open but since you picked up I'm gonna take that as a yes. I'll be in as soon as I can."


Who told Bloomberg to get his sh*t together.  I LIKED having the city in disarray with no means of getting to work.  As long as I'm getting paid...I don't see a problem.  Call it lazy, call it triflin', better yet call it anything you like.  But I just calls 'em how I see 'em and this was one ole fake a$% snow storm!

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