Monday, January 17, 2011

A Dream Realized - In Remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King

Today is the day we remember a man so great that 40+ years after his death his legacy lives on in a way so tangible that everyone can feel it.

As I sit here at work, and listen to my Jewish boss listen to Mahalia Jackson belt away some old negro spiritual, it is not lost on me the impact that Dr. Martin Luther King had on the world.

My boss, an Argentinian Jew who admittedly had never laid eyes on a black person until he reached America well after his 21st birthday, can feel the depth of what Dr. King has done not only for this country but for the world. Often times, we as people, only look at the impact that has been made on us. That's a normal thing seeing as how it's always easier to get the full weight of something as it relates to you. But on this day I am reminded of all the lives Dr. King made a difference in. All the possibilities he made realities. All the sacrifices that he made in the name of equality. In the name of you and me.


It makes me wonder: What have I done that I can be proud of? What kind of legacy will I leave? I know that today isn't just about me and my aspirations. But in a way it actually is. Because of the work of Dr. King, my dreams and aspirations are now limitless*. He is one of the reasons why I have so many dreams, sometimes I don't know where to start.

He is the reason why we know dreaming is not only okay but encouraged. He is the reason we know to dream BIG. Just over 40 years ago Dr. King was dreaming*, and contrary to some pessimists beliefs, that part of his dream is realized. It is no longer the "white man" that holds us back. It is only ourselves.

So now, I have a dream. I have a dream that Dr. King's life and sacrifices will not be in vain. That we as a people, will respect the time and effort that Dr. King, and countless others put in so that we are able to live the lives we live today. I have a dream that we will stop hurting one another and instead uplift. I have a dream that we stop seeing what we can't do and open our eyes to what we can. I have a dream that we will dream even bigger than Dr. King did. I have a dream that we not only make Dr. King proud, but ourselves as well.

What is your dream?

*Ever heard of a guy named President Barack Obama?

*Check out the text and the actual speech below.

King Speech

King Speech Text


Anonymous said...

My dream is that very soon Onedia White shall be blogging Ms.White worldwide!!
You write well Ms.White! Yes, another great read!

MISS WHITE said...

I like your dream! I think I'll make it my own! lol Thanx for reading, for your compliment, and for your comment!