Thursday, December 16, 2010

What I Do

See what I do is reflect
Searching for flaws I have yet to detect
Buffin' and sandin', I'm gon make it shine
Workin' hard on it too, cuz I aint got time

Time to waste just being, when better is around the corner
Where they do that at?
Stable? Hmm? Not quite good enough.
Fulfilled? Yes. More like it.
I'm striving to be the latter, not the former

What I do is ignore the naysayers
I aint got time to be acknowledgin' hatas
More wasted time
And this time breath too
And I aint got neither to waste
I keeps it movin', and I moves with haste

What I do is worry about me
If it's one thing I control, it's who I'm gon be
What you should do is worry 'bout you
That's the best thing you could ever do
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Anonymous said...


I am proud of you chica. This was a good read.

MISS WHITE said...

Thanks lady! ;-)