Thursday, December 2, 2010

What Are You Talking About? - Chloe "Comfortable"

My sister was in town this past weekend for the holiday. She's a mom of three and lives in PA so needless to say when she comes to the town, there are those few NYC fixes she needs.

One being the NYC nightlife.

My cousin told us about a party going down at Taj in the city. We arrive at 11:50 for en event that ends at midnight. We were obviously working on CPT (Colored People Time).

After a quick chat with the guest of honor, we find out the party is migrating to Moe's in Brooklyn. We head for the Brooklyn Bridge after a quick stop for some Street Meat *pause* aka Gyros (nothing quite says the NY experience like a pitstop, on the late night, at a street vendor).

When we get to Moe's, I feel like I walked into a scene from "Love Jones" or "Brown Sugar". The spot had this real hipster, neo-soul, forward thinking Black people vibe, with a few "tokens" sprinkled in. I was diggin' it. We find a lil low spot, post up, and do what we do.

About 20 minutes in, they decide it's time for a smoke break. I fall back seeing as how I don't smoke and I'm not tryna lose the spot. Bad Move. Enter: Annoying A$$ Dude aka "Rob".

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He sits down beside me and begins to chat away. I'm not really in a chatty mood. I'm not engaging at all but I'm not being rude either. I'm smiling and being polite but if he didn't know any better, I could very well be a mute. He doesn't care, evidently. At this point, they're still not back and I'm screaming, in my head, "WHERE ARE THEY?"

I'm on drink # 2 by now so I'm beginning to mellow out, but by no means am I mellow enough, not to be perturbed than a muuuuh by this dude.

Anywho, by now I know his whole life story and I've said nothing about me. Well I do give him my name, which doesn't really count because I give my alias - Chloe. It's hard to tell I've said hardly nothing about me, because he's already moved on to damn near professing his love for me.

"Chloe, I've never felt this comfortable around someone that I just met." Huh? The music is blaring, I've said less than 15 words and I make you so "comfortable"? Sir??? What are you talking about?

By now, my fam has returned but apparently they haven't gotten the memo that I need to be saved.  I overhear my cousin say "What the f**k? He been in her ear all night?" But she does nothing to intercede. See the next time I stay back and hold down the spot.

Finally, I give my sister a pleading look and she comes over. She says "I gave you my seat for long enough but I'ma need it back." He obliges. But goes nowhere...just stands there, lingering.

My sis and I start chatting, clearly leaving him out of the convo, but of course he can't leave without my contact info.

"Aight Chloe. I'm about to get outta here. How are we gonna keep in contact?"

Uhhhh we're not.

But I don't say that. Instead the exchange goes like this:

"I don't know but I'm not giving you my number"

"Take mine."

"My phone is dead."

"Ask your sister for a pen. I know she has one in that big bag." She was dead a$$ in the spot with a "mom" bag.

I tell her "Act like you're looking for a pen and then say you don't have one." She does.

He's relentless.

"Well give me your email address." Huh?

"Ok. I'll enter it in your phone for you." I enter some variation of my email address, something along the lines of

"Yo Chloe for real, I've never been this happy to get an email address. Look what I entered you in my phone as..."


Dead serious.

He leaves but I feel his eyes on me throughout the night. He has officially "cuffed" in the club and I could definitely be described as a "captive" audience.

The night ended up being pretty fun. I had some more drinks. Danced my a$$ off on the stage. In there like it was MY spot - done went from Moe's to O's.

At the end of the night, he finds me of course.

"Chloe I just had to say Good Night."

I smile. "Have a good night."

So I know what you're probably thinking. Why didn't I shut him down way earlier?

I could have. Definitely. The thing is this: I'm approached by men numerous times a day, as I'm sure a lot of women are. It's nothing new. But also nothing new is the rejection I dole out. I'm always nice...never rude, 'cause it's unnecessary (except when it is) but I don't really leave room for much misinterpretation. Imagine, though, how much men are rejected everyday. I mean truth be told, no one told them to holla at any and everything but after a while, it has to take a toll on a man's pride. For some reason, I didn't want to be the one to deliver a blow to the man's ego that night. Maybe the goose had me soft.

I'm a New Yorker so I'm a skeptic by nature. Not to mention I'm a Brooklynite so I like to think I can spot "G" (aka game) from a mile away. Dude @ Moe's was genuinely interested in me and was opening up to me, as if I was not a complete stranger. He obviously needed a friend. Who knows?  Maybe he was having a quarter life crisis.

I didn't want to be rude but I damn sure didn't want to be "cuffed" either.  I just wanted to have a good time with my fam. Which, in the end, I did.

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