Friday, December 10, 2010

The Sacrifice

It hurts but I gotta do it
To you it's wrong of me but I gotta use it before I lose it
I can't shake it; it has a hold on me like you wouldn't believe
It's so tight I can hardly breathe

That's how much I want it.
How much I need it.
How much IT needs me.

You can't stop me. No one can.

I gotta let this thing out at all costs
And trust me my love, I know it's my loss
I'm sorry you can't conceive of this need I feel inside
Not even you and our love is enough to make it subside

This thing inside me has a hold on me
Strong enough that I can't ignore it, I just gotta see

See what's in store beyond the surface.

I gotta go deep and find what's pulling at me so
If this thing is worth letting you go
The tears that fall down your face hurt my heart more than you'll ever know

But they're still not enough to make me stay.

Know this love, what I have for you will never go away
It won't lie dormant and I won't keep it at bay
I'll cherish what we had; the love and all you did for me
Even the way I disappointed you in the end, you handled it gracefully

But what could I expect?
You have always been you.

Yet I have ALWAYS been me.
Maybe you just didn't see.

The Sacrifice
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Anonymous said...

WRITE on girl!! You've inspired me to write tonight so i'm gonna find a pen/ pull out my writing book...and WRITE!

MISS WHITE said...

Thanks girl! Happy to be of service! ;-)