Saturday, December 25, 2010

Letters to My Unborn Child - The Spirit of Christmas

Hi Baby,

Merry Christmas.  I pray that Mommy was able to give you everything your little heart desired.  You deserve it. Mommy just wanted to take a little time to tell you what the spirit of Christmas is really about. 

You know when we pray every night to God?  Well Christmas represents the day God's son, Jesus, was born.  It's his birthday baby! Everybody loves birthdays, right ? Well this is what Mommy would call a BIIIIIIG IMPORTANT Birthday.


You like to get presents right?  I know baby..everyone does.  But Jesus loved GIVING presents more than he even loved getting them.  The love he felt from giving is what made him feel wonderful inside. 

That's what Mommy wants you to understand about this day baby.  It's about making other people happy. It's about seeing those smiling faces of theirs when they receive the blessing you give them. 

You do understand a gift is a blessing, right baby?  God blessed the person who gave you the gift with whatever tools they needed, in order to get that gift to you.  If only to see that beautiful smile of yours, Mommy will pray for a million blessings.  If only to give them all to you. 

Mommy wants you to be a giver too.  You have to be generous not only with material things, but with your heart and your love.  That's what this day is supposed to symbolize.  It's not the gifts, but the pure and beautiful spirit of giving.  I want your beautiful heart to understand when people talk about the reason for the season.  And that's love...because it's about Jesus and Jesus. Is. Love.

Merry Christmas Baby.




Anonymous said...

This is so nice!!! Your child will be blessed with a wonderful and beautiful mother.

MISS WHITE said...

Wow! Touched me! So sweet! Thanx for reading and Thanx for taking the time to comment!