Monday, December 6, 2010

I Just Calls 'Em How I See 'Em - Keri Hilson's "The Way You Love Me" Video


Last week Keri Hilson's video was all the rage.  Whether good or bad, people were talking about it.  To be quite honest...I couldn't really figure out how I felt about it until I gave it some more thought.


I'm all for the self expression of females, and people in general doing what they truly want. I respect when people do what they feel is best for them, not what's okay with everyone else, or what is the status quo.

Personally, I don't think women have to sell sex or be what they aren't in order to make it big or go mainstream. This is clearly what Keri was aiming for.  But honestly speaking, a little controversy never hurt anyone. We're deluding ourselves if we don't see that, in this day in age, controversy is what MAKES stars.

Hmmm?? Don't believe me?

Uh lets's see: first there was Paris Hilton, and her bestie Kim Kardashian, who mastered the art of turning a hot mess into gold. We need not discuss the moguls they've both become in their own rights. We also need not ignore their claim to fame. Then there was Brandy's little brother, Ray J, Kim's costar in their star making film, who reached a level of fame he had never seen until reality television made him a household name. What about the Rihanna & Chris Brown scandal? Could you argue against the fact that even with the horrendous nature of their situation, they still came out bigger stars? More people know who they are today than before that fateful night.

Even a squeaky clean star like Beyonce, has had her share of drama with the Destiny's Child breakup and her supposed connection to the illuminati. In order to reach a certain level of stardom, one has to get the people talking. What's that they say about there being no such thing as bad publicity?

Keri has definitely got people talking. That said, if Keri's effort in her video seemed effortless, maybe I could be all in. But that was not the case. I didn't believe her as this oversexed, gyrating, coochie poppin (yes I said it) woman. It wasn't believable and it looked forced. That's why it didn't work. There have been women who've pulled it off (have you seen Lady Gaga's videos?). But in my opinion, our girl Keri didn't quite hit the mark.

I'm all for women being as sexy as they want to be and even as free with their sexuality as they want to be. Freedom of expression can't have limitations or else it's not quite freedom is it??

However, I'm also an advocate for being one's self and not selling one's self short or compromising one's integrity. I've heard Keri call it art, so that's obviously what she was going for, but again...she didn't pull it off. #nodice mama.

Once she realizes that being herself is better than any persona she can try on for size, unsuccessfully at that, she'll be the star that she's always wanted to be. I mean, I'm no psychic or anything but - I Just Calls 'Em How I Sees 'Em.

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