Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Go After What You Want; Just Don't Be Thirsty

This morning I was on Twitter and I saw something I found pretty interesting.  Simple but interesting.

First let me say, on twitter, I "follow" all types of people.  From Dr.Cornel West and Barack Obama, to comedian Lil Duval and socialite Kim Kardashian.  Mainly I use twitter for venting, snarky comments, networking, and to get a good laugh.  Pretty much, for me, it has numerous functions.  That said, I follow Tameka Raymond and Marc Lamont Hill.

A little backstory on both:

Tameka Raymond is a celebrity fashion stylist, Atlanta socialite, and most notably singer Usher's ex wife and the mother of his 2 children.  She also has a foundation for young women called "Lost Ones".

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill is a Professor of Education and Anthropology/African American Studies at Teachers College, Columbia University. He also hosts the nationally syndicated television show Our World with Black Enterprise and is a contributor to FOX News (and a great representative for the under-represented).

I'll admit, when I first saw the brother's credentials I was like "DAYUUUUUUUM" (in the voice Smokey uses in Friday when Ms. Parker bends over).  For real.  I was super impressed.  Not to get down on Black men, cause Lord knows I love them, but it doesn't just take statistics to tell us that black men are less educated and therefore less successful than their other male counterparts.  That said, when one sees a brother who is good looking, well-educated (did you peep the "Dr." that precedes his name?), well-spoken, and not a cornball (no Bryant Gumbel types here...sorry) it's no doubt he'll have his share of admirers.

On twitter, the former Mrs. Raymond, makes her interest in Mr. Hill pretty obvious.  What inspired this post is a tweet that I saw from her to Mr. Hill this morning that simply read: Hi.

Call me crazy but that one word made her seem a tad bit "thirsty" to me...

Read More to find out why I thought so..........

A few weeks ago, I noticed some pretty forward flirting not between the two but on Ms. Raymond's part.  At this point, I feel the need to say, by no means am I twitter stalking these two (or anyone for that matter), but you can't help but notice things that are on your timeline.  Bottom line, she expressed her interest.  In a forum like twitter.  Ummmmmm???? #wheretheydodatat

She's a woman in her mid thirties, with 5 children, count 'em...5!  Nothing wrong with that.  As a matter of fact, mothers in general get 'nough respect from me.  A mother of five? Point her out to me and I have no problem bowing down....literally.  No one can understand a job like that unless you've done it.  More power to them.  That sort of woman, is no doubt in search of a certain type of mate.  If I'm not mistaken, Ms. Raymond has 5 boys!  Needless to say, only a man, can teach a man to be a man.  Homegirl saw THAT man and said "I WANT HIM!"

Now, there's nothing wrong with being assertive and pursuing one's desires.  I mean, truth be told if you don't go after what you want - whether it be a man, a career, a new purse - someone else will be all too willing to snatch up your pretty little hearts desire.  I'm a firm believer that "a closed mouth doesn't get fed".  I'm also of the mind that "it's not what you say, it's how you say it".

The way she showed her in interest in Mr. Hill came off as a little "thirsty" to me.  For those of us who don't know what I mean by thirsty: pretty much it's slang for overly eager or annoyingly persistent.  Best way I can describe it.

We all have to get in where we fit in.  I myself, think it took a little too long for women to have the courage to stand up and say "I want that and I'm not afraid to go after it".  Although there's nothing wrong with letting a man know your interested, I still think men should do the "chasing".  If she wanted to make it known that she was interested, it would have taken the same amount of time to email the dude rather than putting herself on blast where people like lil old me now know she wants to know how HE'S doing.

There's a shortage of good men out here.  Black, White, whatever.  It's not about race.  It's just about quality.  From what meets the eye, the brother is chock FULL of quality.  I'm an advocate for proactivity and there's nothing wrong with taking a page out of the MTA's book: "If You See Something, Say Something".  All good.  But like everything else, we should handle with class, not crass.  If she was my friend, I'd tell her.  Since she's not, I'm telling ya'll. Ladies, if you're ever interested in a man you met on a social network or that you communicate with on those forums, do us all a favor and keep private matters private. 

Or better yet, if your goal is to really get "private", starting out publicly is no bueno.

Just my two cents! ;-)
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LaNita Noah said...

this is a cute blog

MISS WHITE said...

Thank u ma'am!

Anonymous said...

You sound very stupid. Where are the "flirtatious tweets"? I follow her and have never seen her tweet him. Furthermore, maybe she already knows Mr Hill personally.... hmmm perhaps youre late.

This is how silly rumors start and misinformation gets disseminated. Isn't Marc Hill homosexual and short? This entire post makes no sense, youre clearly bored. Write about the weather and politics, this was a stupid entry.

MISS WHITE said...

Well anonymous...if I sound stupid...what does that make you for reading and taking the time to comment? *shrugs* Preciate ya tho!