Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One Can Only Hope to Feel Fire and Desire - An Homage To Teena Marie


 Fire and Desire Lyrics

Remember when I used to
Love them and leave them
That's what I used to do
Use and abuse them
Then I laid eyes on you

It was pain before pleasure
That was my claim to fame
I was cold as ice...
I wasn't very, very, very nice
Then I kissed your lips...

And you turned on my fire, baby
And you burn me up within your flame
Took me a little higher
Made me live again

You turned on my fire, baby
Then you showed me what a love could do
Fire and desire, baby

Some may say that this is a typical song in which to pay homage to Ms. Teena Marie. I won't argue with that.  I cannot say that I'm familiar with Ms. Marie's entire song catalog.  In passing, I may be able to recognize a tune or 2, but I may or may not be able to identify the song.  What I would undeniably be able to recognize would be her voice.  I would also be reminded of what that voice did to me the first time I heard it.


I won't be dramatic and paint a picture of me lying in the arms of some beautiful man, after we had just made passionate love, and heard Teena Marie's voice burst out of some old radio, with the rain beating down hard against the window pane.  But I do wish it had happened a bit like that, honestly. The song is that powerful and imaginative.

It's sexy. And seductive. And passionate. I was only a kid when I heard it for the first time, but still.  This song is just the type of song that makes you sit up and listen, no matter how old you are. When Ms. Marie's sings "luuuuuu- huv them....and leave them", ya just sit still like..."WHOA!  Who is that and how can she sing like that?!"  I grew up with Ms. Patti Labelle as my favorite singer so that should tell you I expect a lot from a vocalist.     

Ms. Teena Marie delivered and then some.

Aside from her singing skills, the passion she exudes is clearly coming from within her soul. I felt it, and obviously so did countless other people as the song is definitely a classic.  The main thing she accomplishes is the feeling that you have when you're really in love. It may sound cheesy but I have to be real.  Everybody wants to find love with the one person who will light that fire in them that had long extinguished, or maybe never even been ignited.  That's all anyone can hope for, is to be in love so deeply, that they not only want to be a better person, but they want to love so passionately that they don't know what to do....but love.

Again: WHOA!

As with any passing, I'm sad to see her go, as I'm sure many others are. Yet, when people die...I'm always reminded that not only am I'm grateful that they were here, I'm also grateful that I was blessed to know them (in some capacity) at all.  One of the biggest cliches out there, delivers where cliches often do - it rings true.

It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

Hopefully, with fire and desire.

Rest In Peace Ms. Teena Marie

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