Monday, November 29, 2010

WACK FRIDAY- Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj's Ridiculous "Beef"

Honestly, I hate to even go here because I'm already tired of talking about the "beef" between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. But we're already there, and I find the topic relevant if nothing else. I also find it to be a great dialogue starter for female solidarity and empowerment (in this case, with regards to black females).

Allow me to go in (I think I'm running with this by the way, 'cause clearly I goes IN)....

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So over the holiday weekend, my family of mostly young women gathered at my house to partake in the holiday fesivities. I was bigg'n up Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" album hard in one of our many conversations, as I had just gotten it and was definitely feeling it.

This is not an album review so I won't give you a track by track breakdown here. But what I will do is point out what resonated the most with me. It was Nicki's message of "girl power" and her presence as not "one of the boys", but as one of the GIRLS who can not only run with the boys, but she can best them (see her verse on Monster).

She also alluded to the fact that though she is from "the hood" and could have become a product of her environment, she didn't and she told all her "barbz" that if she can do it...You can too!

Yeah...that sounded good.

During the conversation with my fam, one of my cousins brings up the fact that she had just heard Lil Kim's "diss track" called "Black Friday" (Ehhh...I was pretty underwhelmed by the way) on the way over to my house.

She goes on to say "Kim really needs to hang it up and stop hatin'....Nicki's in her prime".

My other cousin from Queens starts going hard for Kim.  She then says "Isn't it funny how in a crib full of BK chicks, the Queens chick is ridin' hard for BK and ya'll ridin' hard for Nicki?" (Uhhhh she didn't quite say chicks but I'm tryna keep it PG)

Ironic as it may be, it's not quite funny.

How can it be funny when two "sistas", who both came up and made it, for all intents and purposes, have to engage themselves in what can't be described as friendly competition, but more like a full out war of words?

Are we still doing this? Do we still think one (wo)man's success is the indication of another's failure and/or demise? And are we REALLY picking sides? Are we serious? At the risk of sounding real Rodney King-ish circa early 90's "Can't we all just get along?"

I don't want to go too deep with it but in reality, IT IS DEEP.  If it was a friendly competition, say like the one Kanye and 50 had a few years back, over who would debut with bigger numbers, that would be fine. Hip Hop has always been about competition and boasting about being the best. Not a problem. But when two "sistas" feel the need to put one another down in order to look like the "best", they end up looking like real effin' losers and quite frankly, so do we.

From the beginning, I've been of the mind that these two women should have come together, before everybody started getting in their ears and "squashed the beef". Especially Kim, since she's claiming to be such a pioneer. Pioneers call shots; they don't take cheap ones. Instead, this became like a crazy game of telephone and I bet neither party knows where the original message got misconstrued. Either way, aren't we all grown here? Or should I say grow-ing?

Isn't the feeling of love so much better than hate? I mean I hate to get all Kumbyaa with it but where is the love amongst our "sistas"?

What burns me up the most is the comraderie that there is among their male and white female counterparts. Look at Drake, J. Cole, and even Jeezy and the relationship they seem to have with HOV. Or even 50, who gets along with pretty much nobody but was hugged up with Souljah Boy on the cover of XXL. Or even the civility between a Gaga and a Madonna, or Cher and Christina Aguilera (they just did a movie together if you care). I could go on, but I don't want to.

I'd rather point out how ridiculous it is that we're still fighting amongst ourselves like crabs in a barrel, when just maybe there's room for everybody. I know it sounds like a wacky theory, but if nothing else, it's a plausible one.

Here's another crazy theory: maybe if Kim spent more time honing her skills/working on her craft and Nicki spent more time living the "girl power" driven life that she so clearly loves to boast about - they could be thinking of a master plan *cue Eric B & Rakim* to TAKEOVER the game as only females can.

But nah - they're caught up in that house n*gger/field n*gger, lightskinned/darkskinned, brooklyn/queens divisive behavior that they don't even see the problem with.

Here's an idea: let's better each other. Not tear one another down. And this message is not just for Nicki and Kim. They just happen to be symbols for how we let outside forces divide us. That's so laaaaaaaaame *in my HOV takeover voice*

Note to Kim and Nicki: Kim? I thought you were "Hardcore" and Nicki? I thought you "Did It On 'Em"? You can show us better than you can tell us and ummmm I'm not either of you. (Just in case you're reading ;-)

We can do better...I'm sure of it.
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Anonymous said...

best commentary I've seen!

MISS WHITE said...

WOW! Thanx!

Dafina said...

Yes, I agree. I'm completely annoyed about the whole situation because I feel that as women, we should respect each other. Especially when it the "rap game." Females rapper are barely respected, so why disrespect each other. How about make a song together? I'm not picking sides because I don't know who started this foolishness. All I know is that I'm really disappointed in the two especially Kim because she new how hard it was for her to get the "respect" she has now.

MISS WHITE said...

Appreciate your comment Dafina! I also agree with you. They're both old enough to know better so I can't give them a pass. I also think they should do a song together and just say "we're calling the shots and it's all love". But they are calling the shots...and this is the path they choose smh

Brandyn said...

If you riding with Kim or Nicki you must realize the pattern and the obvious similarities between not just these two Emcees but with most female Emcees in the rap game. Rap music has always been treted as disposal music and rap fans have the shortest memories out of all music genres. Yeah Nicki killed the guys on Monster Kim killed the boys on Get Money, Benjamins and Money Power Respect, how quick we forget.

Lil kim came out in the mid 90s with the hardest crew out you can legitimately argue that the bad boy/junior mafia crew was the Young Money of its time. With Lil Kim holding the spot as the queen of said crew, the same time when Foxy Brown was with the Firm just like prvious female emcees Lady of rage holding down Death Row, Mia X representing No limit. Even way back to Roxanne Shante holding down the Juice crew and Ms. Melody defending the south bronx with Boogie Down productions.

The industry allows female emcees a small space to shine and instead of artists empowering each other they hate and conspire to bring each other down.

Trust me just as am damn near 100% sure that in the next 12 years when the next new rap crew comes around meeting their quota of one female emcee who claims to be the new improved Rah digga, lil kim, Eve, or Remy Ma. Nicki will be out there looking stupid trying to battle rhyme at 36 cause her money wont be so tall any more.I am certain that this pattern will never break untill females start looking out for their best interest and not playing support for the Marquee Talent.

*Also how come everytime a female rapper comes out people think the male rappers in her crew are writing her music, isn't that a bit sexist? do we think females can't write rhymes? Really? and Where the hell is Missy?

MISS WHITE said...

Wow. Can u say edjamacation?? You definitely schooled me on some hip hop lady facts that I wasn't aware of(should I hang my head in shame that I've never heard of Ms. Melody and I'm from NY?).

As far as the memory of hip hop heads, I'd also have to agree. Even I had to be reminded of how Kim slayed the boys on numerous occasions, most notably on "Quiet Storm".

Anywho, thanks for the reminders! And your comment!