Monday, November 8, 2010

Not a "For Colored Girls" Review - Just an observation or two....

First off: Happy Monday! This hale, sleet, whatever it is isn't necessarily the best start to the week, but it's a start nonetheless. I'll take it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine? Well, it was good...if a little intense. Friday spent some time with 2 of my cousins. We went out for Thai Food in Cobblehill and then hit the Court street movie theatre in Brooklyn (a mess as usual but we were a lil pressed for time). Anywho, man that movie was intense.

So first off let me say, you can't go see a movie like "Precious" or "For Colored Girls" expecting a light romantic comedy like say "My Best Friend's Wedding". But if one did go into that movie with light expectations, I'm sure they were in for a rude awakening.  Click HERE to read more......

Let's start here - Tyler Perry is the man! Although it's debatable which team he plays for, seeing as how he does seem to get the plight of the Black woman a little too much for my taste, he's the man nevertheless. We should all be able to agree that the complaining women do about men not "getting" us could never be addressed to TP. So, I'll say this...this was OUR story. Of course some will argue that Black women have more going on in their lives than abuse, promiscuity, and a no good man. But those same people would be hard pressed to find anyone who, although they may not have gone through these things specifically, was not touched by these same instances by atleast six degrees of separation.

Some would say, that OUR story also consists of love and success and sunny days. Point taken and agreed upon. But is it not to say that these women who live what can be descibed as a "hard knock life" shouldn't have their stories told as well? I don't have a problem with the honest portrayal of the bad as well as the good. I have nothing to prove to anyone regarding the beauty and strength of my race. I feel it everyday. One movie won't convince people of our everyday struggles or successes and if it does, that says more about the spectators than the movie itself. Yes?

It annoys me that people expect one person or thing to be the savior for all. For instance: Expecting Barack Obama to be the messiah and to save not only all blacks, but the whole country in 18 months. Or expecting Nicki Minaj to be the savior of all female hip hop MC's while encompassing Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, and Missy in one package. Or how 'bout making Michael Steele the poster child for all Black Republicans and holding him accountable for ALL his parties actions. #wheretheydothatat ?

It's absurd. One movie cant tell the story of each and every Black woman on the face of the Earth. What it can do is touch each and every person (Black, White, or any race) and help them to see that everyone has problems and some people may be way worse off than you are. Sometimes it takes seeing a situation so intense that one takes inventory of their own blessings.

What did you think of "For Colored Girls"?


Sash said...

I thought the acting was phenomenal! I have not experienced the original literature or choreopoem, however, the colors (women) depicted in the movie shed light on some of the less favorable and very real issues that affect and shape all women and the varying approaches it lends to life. In their own stories, I was able to personally identify with some and gain understanding and empathize with others. It inspired compassion, sisterhood, self-love, renewal and the courage to take responsibilty for change. Now, I'd like to read the original work. (Told you I love your blog Nee Nee) :)

MISS WHITE said...

*Smiling* Thanx Sash! I, too, had never read the book so it was an all new experience for me as well. I agree wholeheartedly that the film invoked feelings of empathy and a sense of sisterhood. I also agree with your assessment that although the issues at hand were not necessarily favorable they were VERY real! Thanx for reading again and I definitely appreciate your insight!