Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Just Calls 'Em How I See 'Em - Midterm Elections

Rewind to November 2008.  Barack was running for office. Running around town (and by town I mean the whole country of course) talking about a change we could believe in. I was fired up more than a little bit. Rushing home from work to catch MSNBC's nightly line up. First Hardball with Chris Matthews, then Countdown with Keith Olberman, and then finally Rachel Maddow. At that point, you couldn't tell me that I couldn't have had my own show on MSNBC.  I was so well versed on the issues that I could do more than hold an intelligent conversation. Not to mention the passion that I felt and the hope that I had. I was out there in DC on the mall, freezing my butt off just so I could be a part of history. I was and I'm glad. But emotions can only take you so far. 


Two years later, I, along with most of the coutry find ourselves disengaged from the change we thought we could believe in. One can just look at the voter turn out and the emergence of the "tea party" to determine that. Now don't get me wrong, honestly, Barack's win was greater than any of us can imagine in the present day.  In the future, I'm sure the true realization of this moment in history will emerge. For now though, I'm talking about the feeling in the country. During this midterm elections, the democrats lost more seats in the house and the senate since any election since WWII.  Do we realize the seriousness of such a feat?? The country, and the streets, are talking and I'm sure the White House does not like what they're hearing.

For those of you political junkies, like myself, I'm sure you notice the departure of one of Obama's chief strategists, David Axelrod, who could be credited with getting Barack to the White House. He's leaving not because he's no longer on board with the Presiden't agenda, but because he's already starting to work on the next Presidential campaign. That says alot. The man is leaving two years in advance, because that's the amount of work that needs to be put in to even have a shot a re-election. Again...that says a lot.

The thing is this: I'm still on board with Barack. Not only that, I'm proud of him and proud to say that he is the leader of my nation. But just like when you're a kid and you get a B+ on that paper, trust you still get your props, but your mother/parents will not hesitate to tell you that next time they want to see an A. That's what I want to tell Barack. I see you! I do! But they don't respect you. One thing that a President, a CEO, a Gangster even, should demand, is respect. Barack doesn't have it. Even among his own party. In order for me to still believe in that hope, I need to be shown that I wasn't sold a dream.  He's gotten some things done and he has time to do more. But like he said during the election, in order for real change to happen, Washington has to change.  I need Obama to be the HNIC (if you don't know what that is step your "Lean on Me" game up) and there to be no doubt about it!

I know in the Black community Barack is like our messiah (don't front either cause you know it's true), but even Jesus had to change his course sometimes to achieve his ultimate goal. I love Barack just as much as the next person but hey - I Just Calls 'Em How I See 'EM


Anonymous said...

Well said, unfortunately minority voters are still quite weary and skeptical of the political system and often decide not to participate in elections and political functions once they feel betrayed, abandoned, or used by politicians. As a Republican supporteri can honestly say Obama doesn't really have any notable competition on the republican side at least not yet. But, I'm afraid that if the amount of racism and hatred of the democratic party isn't quelled by 2012 Obama wont stand a chance and we will end up with an unqualified republican president, President Palin anyone.

MISS WHITE said...

There's a fine like between cynicism and skepticism. I think voters should be skeptical and weary of politicians not only because we are trusting them to do what's in our best interest, but also because we entrust them with a certain amount of power. But inactivity is to our detriment. We may have an insignificant amount of power but something is better than nothing.

I agree with you in that if the White House doesn't get it together we really do run the risk of a President Palin, and God help us if that happens. That would be the beginning of the end. #realtalk