Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Spending" Time


On the train home from school....ahhhh the end of another day. Right now, it feels great. Another day down, another day closer to the weekend. At first thought, sure, it sounds good, but what I really need to be asking myself is: this day that you're so happy to have "gone", have u made it a day you can be proud of?

So many days pass, and all I do is look forward to the next one and bellyache about how I can't wait for the weekend. But for what? So I can go home and "chill" (my favorite word)? I mean really: where has "chillin'" ever gotten anyone?

This time that I'm so eager to pass is PRECIOUS time that I will never get back. Sometimes I think about my life and all my ambitions and I reflect on all the time I've wasted. As evidenced by my previous blog (click here to check it out) clearly I don't think my life is over and my dreams are finished. But I do take full responsibility for my own actions and in retrospect, hunnay I wasted so much time that if it was on a timecard, I probably would be set for life #realtalk

But the larger question is: Why? Who told me I had time to waste? When ur 22 and 23, it is so easy to get caught up in that "I got time" mindframe, when in all actuality this is time that we will never get back. I equate it to money (can you tell I just left an accounting class?). The money I have today, in my pocket right now, once I spend it, it's gone. Sure I'll get more, God willing, but this particular cash will be long gone. Same with time. Sure I may have another day or 2 in me (I'm hoping for a lot more) but once this day is gone, I'll never see it again. Depressing huh? Nah not really. Knowing is half the battle.

It's so funny, because when I hear people younger than me discuss turning 25, I see myself so clearly when I was that age . So hopeful about the future and all my TIME. Had I known then, what I now know....I not only would have made better use of it, but I would have cherished it more.

So I ask you: Are you "spending" your time wisely?


The Most Passionate said...

Very Well said O! I knew it was a reason we rolled tough! Good stuff girl... good stuff.

MISS WHITE said...

Preciate you! ;-)