Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weighing in...........

So over the past few weeks on many occasions I have run across the fat vs. thick debate.  To a Black woman (generally speaking) being "thick" is as good as it gets.  I think we can all agree that there is a very thin line between the two.  Admittedly, I've begrudgingly crossed that line before.  I just so happen to not be one of those women who subscribes to society's standard of beauty (85% of the time).  Although that may be true, and I wasn't necessarily down in the dumps, when I slimmed down and got back to that ideal size (for me it's an 8 but I'll take a 10 ANY day), I was running around singing The Dream's "Shawty is a 10" like an idiot.  And I'm DEAD serious.  Of course it's nice to be at your ideal size, who wouldn't want that? The problem I have is that people want to tell you what your ideal size should be, and I wanna know who gave "them" the authority? Oh yeah that's right...we did.

I'd say we've  spent long enough doing what other people think is right, being what other people think is beautiful, and just trying to live up to the status quo in general.  By we, I mean any group...blacks, women, gays, whatever.  I'm so over doing what other people say and looking how other people look.  Health should be the number one priority and if you're tipping the scales at 200+ lbs., or whatever is overweight for your particular size, then something should be done most definitely.  But what shouldn't be a priority, is trying to get that KING magazine body or an ideal that is attainable at too high a cost. 

Recently, a friend of a friend was in ICU for getting ass injections out in Brazil.  Now of course, doing anything in Brazil or any other third world country is sketchy but what if it was done in Beverly Hills by the best of the best?  Have we learned nothing from Donda West (Kanye's mother)?  People speak of teachable moments all the time, but a teachable moment has to extend beyond the moment.  It takes a conscious decision not to perpetuate the ignorance.  I know I may sound a little preachy but sue me. This whole weight topic hits a nerve with me.  I've had people say to me, "WE gotta slim down" or when describing someone who's "fat" say, "She's bigger than you".  Really??  Uhh ok. I just think it's time that we stop holding people up to OUR standard of beauty and start letting people set their own.

Make no mistake, I don't think women should let themselves go on the notion that they love themselves, a la Bruno Mars, just they way they are.  I'm just saying that we should improve upon ourselves because WE want to, not only for our health but to maintain our fabness. Not because society, the internet, magazines, or any other "they" make us feel less than.



wendell huggins said...

in all honesty the opinion of society is necessary because it gives us a point of reference, an idea of what you want u want your self to be. imagine a world where you wake up, brush your teeth and go outside, but your breath is still kickin!!! with out that friend, husband, or co-worker to say "miss white your breath is breaking my general thought process... no really i cant concentrate while your talking to me" you might walk around for the rest of your life with some hot ass breath. the same principal applies with your weight, where alot of people people get it confused is when they try to emulate the media and society, instead of using it as an inspiration.

MISS WHITE said...

Thanks for reading and your comment!! Too bad I can't agree. I don't let society set standards for anything I do...be it my weight, my style, nor my personality. Everyone is and should be unique and conforming to anyone's ideas other than your own to me is pretty sad. As I stated in the post, health should be the number one priority and that should set the standard. One's inspiration should be being their best self, not a knock off version of someone else.

Oh and why you had to say it was my breath?? I stay minty fresh lol