Monday, June 7, 2010

Do YOU know who YOU are??

I'm just sitting here reflecting on my weekend and the time I had. It was a great weekend. For one reason or another, I was just ticked off with my S.O last week from like Tuesday to Friday. I have this bad habit of holding grudges and seemingly blowing things out of proportion, but if you know women, and if you're reading this I assume you do, there is rarely a time where we do something without reasoning, #methodtomymadness. So I came home Friday, just itching to continue on with my attitude when he charmed the mess outta me, what a slickster. So after he manipulated me, we headed on over to Peaches and had dinner and wine and a nice walk home. The next day, we got up and went to Red Lobster, obviously domestic duties were not on the agenda for the weekend. He then went to do whatever it is that men do when they're with their friends and I just chilled in the crib and did me. *bliss*

Cut to Sunday. A few friends from high school were throwing a BBQ and I was all set to go. Usually, and by usually I mean the Monday through Friday work week, not having a car is not an issue. But when the S.O. is out doing his own thing and I want to do mine it becomes an issue. I was going with 2 friends who both had cars so it shouldn't have been an issue but when they both canceled I was at a loss. Randomly, my cousin calls me to go look for a computer with her. I go because she's told me in the past that when I'm with the S.O. I'm MIA. Needless to say, I couldn't say no when at the moment I was doing nothing other than laying up with him. So we ride out to Gateway discussing the comedy or shall I say DRAMA-dy that is our family. We finish up at best buy, she didn't get the computer. She's on her way to Summer Jam so I'm about to get dropped off. We head back to our side, when she says, "Let me stop over here and get my homeboy cause he's on the way". I say ok, and we head in the direction of her homeboy's crib. We pull up and he's by the car with their other friend. The other guy says, "Yo, just ride with us and let your cousin take your car". Said cousin being me. She hops in the whip with them and they're on their way. Now I have a car with somewhere to go. I call my homegirl up to ride with me and we head out to Queens for the BBQ.

We pull up to the park and I'm pleasantly surprised that's it's actually a nice park and not some semblance of a park. I head over and meet up with my old friends and am warmly received. Always good seeing old folks and as one friend mentioned, it's even better to see folks doing well. As, I'm chatting with one of my old friends, a girl walks in. Long hair (weave of course), thick, red bone. Seemingly, Weezy's type and mostly every other red blood black man #noshade. HS Friend says: "Me and my friends went out with that girl and a few of her friends and no one liked her but me." I let it go. What do I care? I'm never gonna see this girl again.  Click HERE to read more........

I'm leaving the BBQ. My HS friend calls me: "Hey Nee-Nee, I know you're headed back to Brooklyn. Can my friend ride with you?" Oh boy! I mean I just had a nice time so there's no need to be straight bitchy but am I going out of my way? Uuuumm no! But I will drop her off somewhere along the way since I AM going to Brooklyn. Who comes to the car? Ms. "Nobody likes her but me". Again, Oh BOY!

First thing she starts to talk about when she gets in the car is her youngin' that she just met that "works at the BMW dealer". How his work place is relevant to me..I don't know but ok.  Her youngin': he's 23.   She's 24. Okaaaay??? She proceeds to talk about how she's a "socialite" and a jewelry designer, not to mention the necklace she's wearing is her own design and it retails for *gasp* (no she literally gasped) for $250 "and they sell". Again, okaaaaay??? After 5 minutes, I'm so over this chick. I had to make a run and stop by my S.O.'s friends house to pick something up from him and I tell her that she's his type. Hey, I just call em how I see em. When he approaches the car, I tell him as much. He says, "Sis you aint neva lie". Go figure! I usually don't.

Ms. Nobody likes her but me is enthralled in another side conversation with my friend who was riding shotgun and I hear my friend say, "oh so you're that type". I have no idea what they're talking about but I'm pretty interested. I finish up with him, and we say our goodbyes. I can't get away fast enough to find out what they're talking about.  So I say, "what happened?". My friend, a dark chocolate sister says, "Nee you know what you're talking about because he didn't spare a glance my way." So I ask shorty, what she thought. "Oh, he's cute but can he afford me?" Huh??  So that's what my friend meant by "that type".  I say as much. She promptly begins to contradict herself and rattle off reasons why she's NOT that type, when clearly she is.  She begins to tell us how much of a Jill Scott and a Floetry chick she is.  No lie.  Those are the actual comparisons she made.  Pulls out pictures of her when she had an "afro" and everything.  All I'm thinking is, I could respect it more if you owned it.  Again, I say as much.

I mean it's never cool to be shallow and pretty much trifling (in my book), but in the end: BE YOU!  If that's you, own it!   You can't retract every statement that people don't agree with.   You aint no politician and that wasn't a gaffe. Seriously, did we give you the impression that we thought wanting a man for what he has and what he's doing is more important than who he is? Clearly, we didn't. I was puzzled AND annoyed.

Further annoying me, she asks me to chase the bus when we get to Brooklyn because she just missed it and another one won't be around for an hour. Sorry boo, I can't help you!   BYE!!   Ugh!!  The nerve. I already did her a solid for bringing her to BK and listening to her annoying ass the whole way.

After the whole car was empty, I just sat there. Still annoyed but thinking. It's not just her. Women can rattle off things they want a man to be when they sometimes don't even know who they are. Wow! You worry bout the wrong things *cue Kanye*.............

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