Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It Aint All Roses.......


So I woke up tired as hell from a long a$$ night. I dragged in this AM and of all days for my boss to get here before me it would be the one day that I was 10 minutes late. Oh wells...rough night...in a good way *insert coy wink*. Anywho, rode in to work this morning on the train on a break from my usual full album IPOD listening. I put it on random and happened to hear a few Lauryn Hill unplugged joints. Though her voice is more than a lil raspy, sounds like she may have burned one blizzy too many...I still felt like "Damn this is real music". There's just something about the rawness that is just so authentic to me. So cut to 2 cups of coffee later and a few blog reads. I stumble upon a new blog: earsandlps.blogspot.com. She's doing a write up on one of my favorite bloggers/writers, Demetria Lucas.  Check out her blog here. The focus of the interview she did was music and how she related to it. The first album that she ever fell in love with was "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill":

"Hill’s music was so pure, so honest— choosing Zion, lamenting loving a man she shouldn't and who didn’t love her, falling in love, trying to make sense of the world (“my world it moved so fast today/ the past it seems so far away/ holding me so tightly I can’t breathe…. Every time I try to be/ what someone else thought of me/ so caught up I was unable to achieve. But deep in my heart/ the answer was in me…). It spoke to everything I was going through at time. I loved how she spit more fire than any man I’d heard, but talked about what women go through."

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So of course it got me to thinking about my MISED of Lauryn days and how I used to brood and think my life was so difficult *teen angst*, and also what album I first fell in love with, sadly it wasn't as critically acclaimed as Lauryn's.  It was Brandy's first album #truestory (hey don't front like Brandy didn't have the 90's on smash).  More importantly though, it got me to thinking about the point of view Lauryn Hill writes from.

In my opinion, she writes from a place of authenticity and true understanding that, when it comes to matters of the heart, in the words of my girl Mary J. Blige "It aint all roses". Love is beautiful, but without ups and downs how do you really know if you can stick with someone through the vows of marriage? Not that you have to be married because the way I see it, a committed relationship should play by the same rules. You know: sickness and health, rich and poor, good and bad, yada yada yada. Lauryn knows there will be some bullsh*t to deal with, as do I, speaking from The POV of a rider (11 years and counting). I can't help but think though, many women, in my experience, are always searching for that Prince Charming. Looking for everything to smell all good when there will most definitely be some manure. Is expecting too much of love a flaw or is it just the true stamp of idealism in a realistic world?

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