Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can I have a slice of humble pie for dessert?

So I get home last night and my S.O. is cooking dinner. He was making chicken cutlets and had the house smelling all good. So I asked "What are you making?" He says "Let me surprise you."  I say okay. Then I see noodles and what not so I'm like (in my head) "Is he making spaghetti with chicken in it?" (I ordinarily don't like that...no surprise there if you know me. I'm notoriously picky with food although my waste line may not show it). So because I'm an alpha-female, I have to open my mouth and ask.

He says yeah.

I say "That's why I asked you what you were making 'cause I would have just cut up the chicken and made a salad."

Oh Lord why did I do/say that?

"I TRY TO MAKE SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU AND YOU TELL ME YOU WANT SALAD???" I'm like whoa whoa whoa there buddy. Is it my fault that I don't like what you're making? (Of course I didn't say that but I was sure thinking it). So I apologized because I REALLY didn't mean to offend him and in the end, dinner ended up being REALLY good. Granted, I jumped the gun but he BROKE on me. I felt like I was the husband and I just really upset my wife over dinner. So it got me to thinking...

Was I wrong? Was I being ungrateful?  I concluded that I was. I should have just kept my mouth shut and waited to see if I even liked it before I complained. Some women would die (figuratively of course) to come home from a long day (14 hours to be exact)to their man cooking (and mine does it often) and I had the gall to complain about what he made (Hey I can take responsibility when I'm wrong). As women, when do we just shut up and be grateful? If ever.....

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Bri said...

Never lol...we will never learn!! But we are human and as long as we can own up to being wrong and apologize things will turn out ok!!